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A B O U T  M E
Hello you who clicked on this page. My name is - as you might have found out by now - Ilse Daniëlle. But please just call me Ilse. I am a 23 year old blogger who's born and bred in the Netherlands. I moved to Norway in December 2014, as I got engaged to Jan Tore. I married him on 040616. I'm kinda smart, just not in a schoolish way. I'm curious, self-didacting and I have a hunger for knowledge. I love languages, and studied 7 of them. (Dutch, English, Danish, Norwegian, French, German, Spanish and a semester of Icelandic) My life goal?  Being able to speak at least 10 different languages fluently. (+Italian, Swedish and Icelandic)

Can this introductory epistle become even more random? Yes, hang on: I can solve a Rubiks Cube in 3 minutes. I tell myself everyday that I am gonna live healthier but postpone it a second after. I look at clouds and can name them by their names. My dream is to one day get my Zumba instructor certificate. Winter is my favourite season. I am a plane-autist and fell off my bike once I was staring at the sky. I can't lie. I hate crowded commuter trains. I hate crowds in general. I'm a peaceful mind who loves the silence of nature and the serenity of being alone.

A B O U T  T H E  B L O G
My life isn't always so interesting, so I would never make it sound better than it actually is. I don't find myself better than others. In fact I find myself quite a noob in blogland, but I want to improve day by day. I am not an expert on makeup or fashion, but you will get my honest opinion on the products I write about.

My blog is my passion and my passions are what I blog about. I will never blog about something that isn't for me. My blog is also a place where I can share photos I took and drawings I made that I'm proud of. My blog is about lifestyle. I hope that you can identify with me - an average young adult who is geeky and likes all different kinds of topics, from makeup, fashion and skincare to books, films and music.

A B O U T  Y O U 
You are a reader of my blog, or at least I hope you are. No matter how much I like to blog about myself and my life - I value my readers a lot too. You make me want to continue writing. You give me inspiration. When you leave me a link to your blog, I visit. I see what kind of person you are, and I find that interesting. I'm a heck of a curious person, and you feed my curiosity.

But in the end, I'm especially thankful. Thankful that you took a moment to read one of my articles. That you maybe even took a moment to write a comment or follow me on social media!

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart <3

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