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Tønsberg, Norway

This summer my husband and I went to the mountains where his family originally grew up, and spend a weekend there - in a typical mountain cabin. The car drive is about 9/10 hours, but we spent closer to 14 hours as we also had several long stops on the way, including waiting times for two ferries.

We had a stop at Geiranger where we drove up to a viewpoint where we could see the town of Geiranger and the fjord. After that we took the ferry from Geiranger to Hellesylt, which was most amazing. Prepare for a long scroll if you decide to read on. :p Enjoy the photos!
Heavy rainfall at the beginning of our journey..

This was at our second stop, in Lom. The church is a typical Norwegian 'stavkirke'. The river had a bright blue color, something I'd never seen before. 

Here we could see the ships departing from Geiranger. I apologize for the quality of the photo's, they are taken with my iPhone 6s as that was easiest.

This waterfall is called the Seven Sisters, and it's seriously impressive! Located on the right side of the waterfall there is a small farm called Knivsflå. It has been abandoned for decades, but the thought that once people were living up there in all kinds of circumstances, is almost unthinkable. Think about how they would get supplies up there, or how the kids would go to school! They would have to climb up and down by ropes every single day. That's why most kids (even as young as 6 years old!) which parents owned a farm on the mountainside, moved out during the week - to attend school in town. 


The view from our cabin was just magnificent. And the picture below shows the fresh stream of water we used for drinking and cooking. This water came straight from the melting snow on the mountain tops!

This little hut was our toilet.. 

On our first day we went to explore the mountain around us, but the distance was much greater than we initially thought it would be. So after a few hours of walking we still weren't anything close to the top we wanted to reach. The paths were full of cow poop and difficult stones to walk on. There appeared to be wild cows walking around! We didn't have much food with us either as we planned to have a barbecue at the cabin later, so we had to head back. There was an abundance of blueberries in the area so we picked quite a lot!

This was our cabin. It is owned by my husband's cousin, and has no electricity or running water, so that was a good challenge for us 'urban folks'. Also there was no phone reception or wifi. Unfortunately I did not take proper pictures of the inside. Every evening we would light a lot of candles which made the whole place super cosy. 

This day it was more cloudy and rainy. We still decided to explore another part of the valley, but again we miscalculated the distance and after 3 hours of walking we decided to turn around as all clothes and shoes were soaking wet. 

We had to cross this river by walking through it, kneedeep. On the way back I thought: I am so soaking wet from the rain, I might as well just take a bath here. The water was very clear and I kept my woollen underwear on so it wasn't too cold. (So no, I'm not naked on this picture, lol)

I hope you enjoyed this long post! Leave a comment if you did! 
This was my first time on a proper mountain holiday, without luxury. I really enjoyed it, and could see myself doing this more often. It was a memorable experience! 

Have you ever been on a mountain holiday? Did you like it? Did you have luxury like electricity and water or was it more primitive? I'm curious!

And last but not least: I made a video of the journey, which you can watch below. It is quite a long and slow film but I preferred it that way :)

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