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This blog has been a great passion of mine, and it still is. However, I owe you some honest information from my side. I have been consumed by my studies in the past months. And still. I am in my second year of Nutrition at uni, and this semester we have lots of chemistry and biochemistry. I love chemistry but it also craves tons of dedication and discipline. I had to retreat from blogging to be able to pass my exams. I also figured that writing about beauty and fashion really isn't my thing. While beauty and fashion cover a great amount of topics in the blogosphere, I found myself struggling to find the right direction for me. I do not belong in any specific category, I assume. Therefore I made a plan. A plan to somehow combine blogging with my studies - and I hope you who have followed my blog in the past will continue to do so.

From now on I will upload one post every week, on tuesday. I am beyond excited to share many personal things with you, such as my opinions, food and health tips, introvert stories, travel journals, photography and fun facts. I will probably share an occasional beauty or fashion post, but it will not be my main focus.

I also removed some of my old posts with my husband, as he figured out that it brought him conflict at his work - colleagues would find him here and would kinda stalk him all the way onto my instagram and would then text him about activities he did with me - which we both found a bit creepy. So therefore we decided to archive old posts with him, and make my personal insta private again. Of course you can still follow me there, just find @ilsegslettedal, and I will accept you. Or follow my blog insta which is @ilsedanielles - where I will share less pictures of myself and HB but more artsy stuff and quotes.

Another thing is that I was almost about to start a new Twitter chat last winter. Unfortunately I have not been able to pursue this due to lack of time. However, I am still thrilled about the idea of starting a new chat. Maybe not all by myself - so if you are someone playing with the same idea, or if you know someone who does, and who could use a partner - shoot me a message! I'd love to host a chat every now and then.

I hope you all support me in finding my new style of blogging, and I hope to get to know you better through social media as well. :)

Leave your blog+insta in a comment below, and I will pay you a visit! 

Love, Ilse
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