How watching the sunset helped me fight winter sadness

Vika, Oslo, Norway

I haven't been doing weekly summaries since a long time here, but I feel the need to share my week with you, and I might even bring this series back on the blog every now and then. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed by all social media attention and pressure to post good content, that I forget that my blog is also a place where I can share personal things and write down my feelings.

A lot of exciting things have been happening this week. I got lots of new ideas for my blog, but I cannot pursue them yet as I am still studying for my upcoming anatomy exam on Wednesday. Yes, that's another thing I miscalculated. I thought my exam was supposed to be on Thursday but then I figured out it will be on Wednesday instead. Well done girl.

My advent calendar finally arrived to Norway! I bought the makeup calendar from Makeup Revolution, and it looks absolutely fabulous! I am so excited to open it, and even though it's slightly delayed, it's still fun to open. Pictures of what's inside will be shared on my Instagram story and on Twitter, so follow me there if you're curious about this advent calendar! In January, I will share my top 10 favourite beauty items from the calendar in a blog post, so stay tuned!

In the upcoming weeks I am planning on making some small design changes in my blog layout, as well as setting up a new Twitterchat which will launch in 2017. On my Twitter poll, most of you voted for a chat with the hashtag #TeaTimeChat, but I also consider #HyggeChat a good option, as after all I'm living in Scandinavia :) I still can't decide, but I feel obliged to listen to your votes. In my holiday I will work out a plan to start running the chat from January 2017. If you are already enthusiastic to help me setting it up, or want to host every now and then, please let me know. I am thankful for all help I can get. In the meantime, all other Twitterchats are sorted in a calendar I made recently, which you can find here. If I forgot a chat, or if you know a way to make the chat overview more efficient, I'd be happy if you tell me! :) 

As you might have noticed in a recent post on Instagram, my hubby currently is on a business trip to Pakistan until Friday. Though I miss him tons, it also gives me time to fully relax, prepare for my exam and reflect my thoughts. It made me set some new goals in life, and one of them is to never give in to boredom. I decided that whenever I feel bored and wanna fall into doing useless things, I'm gonna educate myself instead. It can be anything, from reading blogposts to watching biochemistry videos on the Khan Academy app, to reading Harry Potter in Spanish - as long as it educates me in some form.

The days in Norway are short, and I also got affected by the annual winter SADness, aka Seasonal Affective Disorder or just simply sadness. SAD is related to a lack of exposure to sunlight. Some days the sun isn't even visible, and days are filled with grey skies and rain. A thing that has helped me a lot fighting this winter sadness, is watching the sun set every day. Even when days are cloudy, you will most likely still see some good sunlight when the sun sets. In Norway the sun sets around 3pm, which is sooo early! :( I love to walk down to a place called Tjuvholmen, and watch the sunset over the Oslofjord. It's really worth it to find yourself a nice location around where you live, and make watching the sunset a daily ritual!


On Instagram I've been posting about my obsession with Christmas decorations in shop windows and on the street. Oslo absolutely nailed it this year, and I love sharing all beautiful decorations I come across, with you through my channels! Don't we all just love them?

* The photo's in this post are all take with my Sony Xperia Z3, which does not even come close to the Nikon I usually use for blogphotography. Photo's of this quality will only be included in weekly summaries. 

* * * 

At last, I want to ask every single one of you who reads this, to share their latest blogpost with me in a comment so I can pop over to read something the next time I am bored! :) 

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