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It's the autumn-time of the year again, which means spending more time inside, cold weather outside, cosiness, blankets and lots of tea. Though here in Norway, autumn is of a very short duration usually - as winter appears with snow sometimes as early as October! The first snow arrived here in Oslo the first week of November. I personally look forward to snow each year, but it's always a surprise how early it's there. Nonetheless, I managed to take a few autumnal photo's for the blog, which I will share in today's post.

This month I've been loving to drink the good old Twinings Apple Cinnamon Raisins tea. This tea describes autumn into detail: sweet, crisp and appley with a touch of spicyness. Unfortunately, autumn is also the time of the year where lots of people get a cold, and so did we. To battle the cold, I like to make myself a good cup of ginger tea, and in the supermarket here I found this brand that sells sachets with pure ginger powder.

My absolute autumn must-have of make-up has been this Maybelline Strobing stick. For a while ago, I'd never even heard about strobing, and you could as well tell me that it's a new vegetable - I seriously wouldn't have a clue. But now I see strobing becoming more and more popular throughout the blogosphere, and the Maybelline commercial looked promising enough - so I decided to buy one myself. They're not very hard to find, as H&M sells them - and I'm sure most drugstores with a Maybelline department do so as well.

The stick is, as it says, a highlighter and comes in two shades: 100 Light Iridiscent for light skin with cold undertone, and 200 Medium Nude Glow for tanned and warm undertoned skin.
I use the Light Iridiscent, as my skin has a cold undertone. The strobing does not feel sticky on the skin, which I like. Hence it stays on the skin throughout the entire day! The colour of the cream is light pink and shimmery. It gives the skin a subtle metallic glow. I love how natural it looks on my skin, and how it really gives my make-uplook an upgrade! 

Another one of my absolute autumn favourites has been this cute nailpolish from H&M. Some of you might have seen me wearing it on instagram in the past month. The nailpolish is called pillow talk, and it has a lovely vintage rose shade. 

This autumn I have not been much outdoors, though I try to at least take a 40-minutes walk every day - to keep myself from becoming a full-on couch potato. Sometimes, my husband and I walk to a small café/restaurant a few blocks away. This café is called Sjakk Matt, which is Norwegian for Checkmate - but 'Mat' also means food in Norwegian. As the name reveals, this is a café where you can play chess while enjoying delicious food! The Café is named after Magnus Carlsen (A Norwegian chess player which is currently among the worlds' best), as he often came here to play chess himself. The café as a cosy ambiance and it's often not very crowded at all!

I learned how to play chess at the age of 9, but after being at this café I became a real chess addict again. I am now playing a lot against my husband and we're also competing on a chess app called Chess with Friends. If you're a chess-nerd as well, please let me know in a comment! :D

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor cafe sjakk matt

Some of my favourite autumn activities have been reading books and watching films. The book I've started reading in November is Inferno by Dan Brown. I wanted to read it before I went to go see the film. Dan Brown is one of my favourite authors, and this is his fourth book that I'm reading. So far, Inferno is an absolute must-read.

This month I've seen two films in the cinema. First I went to see Fantastic Beasts, which I absolutely loved! It thrills me to know that there's coming a whole new Hary Potter based movie series. Have you seen Fantastic Beasts yet? 

And of course I have also seen Inferno, after I started on the book I described above. Films based on Dan Browns' books, I just have to watch on the big screen! The film did not disappoint me, however it wasn't nearly as good as the book. But isn't that basically always the case with book-to-film adaptations?

Social Media
I have been working hard to improve my instagram blog account these weeks, and I must say that I am quite content with how it looks now. I saw my followers increase from a little over 100 in summer to 180 right now! I also got to know some lovely fellow bloggers, and started a Blog Pod with Kelly from Velvet and Vibranium, Britta from BrightandBoldLife and Zaanri Sharp. Go check their accounts out, they're amazing! If you want to join our Blog Pod, please leave me a comment down below with your instagramname. You're more than welcome! The idea behind the Pod is that everytime we post a picture on instagram, we share it in the group, so we can all like and comment on each others pictures - which hopefully increases traffic to our blogs and social media.

To celebrate this autumn and to get in the mood, I started October with making an Autumn Inspiration board on Pinterest, which you can check out here. Feel free to follow me on Pinterest and if you did, please let me know so I can follow you back :) Besides this, I also made an Autumn playlist on Spotify, called My Autumn Songbook - consisting of a mix of laidback and uptempo songs in different languages. One of my favourite new artists that I discovered this month, is Melissa Horn. She's a Swedish singer with some beautiful Swedish songs. Even if you don't understand Swedish, it's still worth a try.


I hope you enjoyed reading this long babble! If you did, tell me below! It would absolutely make my day. Tell me about how your autumn went. What where your favourite things to do? What has been your favourite song? Did you discover any new apps I must know of? 

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