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Vika, Oslo, Norway
So, a couple of weeks (or months!?) ago, I got tagged by my lovely friend Lee from Lee Thrifts, to do the Get To Know Me - tag. As I love doing tags, I am of course gonna do this one on the blog!
But before we get started, I first wanna give you a short update about my life.

At the moment I am really busy with my studies. As you might know, I started studying Nutrition about a month ago, and though it is extremely exciting - it's also a lot of hard work. I can simply not find the time to be a fulltime blogger at this point. But I do miss blogging - and the blog community a heck lot :( I have become so terrible at keeping up my social media and keeping up with reading all of your blogs.. :( I hope you can forgive me for now - you surely will not regret it - the fact that I have to commit my time to my studies right now to become a certified nutrition-fysiologist in about three years! It means I am gonna invest loads of time writing nutrition related posts in the future, hopefully helping people and give some advice for those who ask for it. My hope is then to become a fulltime lifestyle blogger with beauty, food and travel as main topics - and some extra focus on nutrition every now and then. 

Okay, enough for now - let's go on to the tag!

4 P L A C E S  I'V E  L I V E D
1. Wierden, the Netherlands - my birth town
2. Landsmeer, the Netherlands - for my studies in Amsterdam
3. Copenhagen, Denmark - for summer school
4. Oslo, Norway - my current city! 

4 P L A C E S  I  V I S I T E D
There are many cool places I visited in life, but here are some of the most memorable ones:
1. Gran Canaria - In January 2014 I went there all by myself, in a tiny Ryanair plane, to visit a friend and her kids for a week.
2. Oxford - I have been here several times while my husband studied there. I love the architecture and history this town breaths.
3. Malaga - Been here in 2012 during an obligatory schoolproject trip. Though I hated being there with my class, I loved the city and I'm desperate to go back there one day.
4. Algarve, Portugal - Our honeymoon destination, unforgettable!

4 TV  S H O W S  I  L O V E  T O  W A T C H
I actually don't watch much TV itself but I do watch Netflix a lot. My favourite series there are definitely:
1. Orphan Black
2. The 100
3. Stranger Things
4. Broen (The Bridge)

4 O F  M Y  F A V O U R I T E  F O O D S
Oh, this one is hard..
1. Chicken nuggets
2. American pancakes (even bought my own special pancake pan to make them)
3. Dutch stoofpeertjes (Literally: stewed pears, a typical Dutch dessert made of warm pears with icecream)
4. Wraps with ruccola, cream cheese and salmon

4 T H I N G S  I  L I K E  T O  D R I N K
1. Coffee. Especially the Nespresso Bukeela Ka Ethiopa flavour, which is a typical girly coffee.
2. Chai latte with soy milk
3. Freshly pressed orange juice 
4. Strawberry smoothies

4 P E T  P E E V E S
1. I can't stand when people cancel something last minute - often something I really looked forward to for days.
2. People in customer service who keep sending me the same answer over and over again without taking an actual look at my problem. 
3. Phone calls from unknown numbers. I just never pick up. 
4. When people think they're cool by posting duckface selfies. Srsly? It's 2016... -_-

4 O D D  T H I N G S  A B O U T  M E
1. Many people who meet me for the first time think I'm Danish while I'm actually Dutch. But I do speak Danish as well.
2. I can chew on icecream without feeling anything, due to the fact that I fell on my front teeth as a kid which destroyed my nerves. 
3. I'm a High Sensitive Person (HSP)
4. I hate balloons.

I hope you enjoyed reading my answers! Let me know what your answers would be on these questions! 

I am tagging:
Simona from Crispy Ventures
Lisa from Following Lisa
Mary from 1 week Mary


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