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Vika, Oslo, Norway
As promised, here is the second post about Copenhagen in which I will show you what I bought during my trip! I don't remember the prices from all the items, but that you can probably find better yourself :)

Sephora Smart liner - eyeliner
I bought this eyeliner at a Sephora shop inside a big make-up mall in Copenhagen city - they had so much make-up brands, it was heaven!
I needed a good eyeliner anyway and thought Sephora was a good option to buy one. Then I saw they had this thing called 'smart liner' - which they promised to be dummy-proof! Since I'm an absolute loser in applying eyeliner neatly, I decided to give this one a go. Excited as I was, I tried the thing out immediately when I came home - just to find myself struggling as much as I did before, so it wasn't that big of a success. Sorry Sephora :(

Gosh Defining Brow Gel - eyebrowgel
Eyebrowgel was another thing I desperately needed, and I ended up buying this one from Gosh. The gel is transparent so not visible on the eyebrows - which is good. I personally don't like pigmented eyebrowgels. The gel does what it needs to do: hold the eyebrow hairs in place - so I'm very happy with this purchase :) 

MAC Mehr - lipstick
The Mehr lipstick was on my wishlist for so long, as my next-to-buy Mac lipstick, and I couldn't be more satisfied with it! It's a matte lipstick - slightly red but not too intense. I love the colour and it's my most used Mac lipstick at the moment!

Nilens Jord mineral foundation & powder brush
My Danish BF Lise recommended this brand, as she uses it herself as well. I got really good advice from the shoplady about which powder matches my skin best, and which brush is best to use with it. As Nilens Jord is quite an expensive brand, I decided to only go for this mineral foundation powder in colour Pecan, and this beautiful black diamond powder brush. I must say it's really one of the best make-up brands I've used so far. The powder feels really light on the skin, and it's just the right colour. Though you barely see the powder, it still covers up all the redness on the face. 
The powder brush is so soft, the best brush I have in my collection. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this short post :)  I will soon be posting more and longer posts. There will be coming some fun tags and a Favourites post - so keep checking my blog and social media for updates!

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