Copenhagen Impressions + 3 Places You Must Visit

Copenhagen, Denmark
The first weekend of August, I've been on a good old trip to Copenhagen to visit my BF Lise. It was good to have some girlytime again  - without the hubs (he went on a business trip to Switzerland anyway, so no bad feelings :p).

* FunFact: Lise and I became friends when we worked together in Norway, 6 years ago. Our names are very similar and we got teamed up very often - so people started mixing up our names. And we just were friends from the first time we worked a shift together. *

This post will be split into two different posts - this is the first, and the second will be a small make-up shoplog of the things I bought in Copenhagen.

The first thing I wanna share with you in this post, is how amazing Danish interior actually is. I love the minimalistic and industrial/modern style in Lise's home- it made a great photography setting.

There are three things I absolute loved doing in Copenhagen this time, starting with visiting this famous book café called Paludan.

Café Paludan is located at Fiolstraede 10 and is famous for the fact that it combines delicious food with an intellectual environment; a library where you can also buy books. In the cellar they have a massive bookshop with lots of old books - only the smell alone brings you to different places! 

Although the café is immensely popular, it doesn't look very crowded at all. The bookshelves give this place a cosy ambiance where people can relax, eat and have good conversations in privacy. To me it didn't look like this place was well-known by tourists yet. This makes it an extra nice discovery if you visit Copenhagen as a tourist. 

The second place you must once visit is Rosenborg Castle. This is the place where the Danish crown jewels are stored, and it is possible to see them by doing a guided tour through the castle. Unfortunately we didn't do the tour this time, but we got to walk around the castle and its gardens, which was beautiful in itself. Next time I will definitely do the tour though! The pictures might look a bit gloomy, but so was the weather that day too :/

Before I go on to the third place you must visit in Copenhagen, I first want to share some Copenhagen street impressions with you - I just love this city!

We thought it would be a fun idea to rent a small water cycle boat and be out on the water for a bit. It was so much fun, and whenever you visit Copenhagen and wanna do something less touristy, these boats are definitely a good recommendation! The boats are in three different sizes: 2 seats, 4 seats and even 7 seats!

The third place I wanted to show you in this post, is actually not in Copenhagen city but in a little town close to Copenhagen, called Karlslunde about a 20 min drive/30 min train journey from Copenhagen. It's a sushi restaurant called Running Chopsticks, and it's by far the best sushi I've ever tasted (and I've tasted sushi in many places).

For 180 Danish Kroner (approximately 27 dollars) you can eat as much sushi as you want for as long as you want. (excl. drinks) On weekdays it is even cheaper, but we went on a saturday eve. The restaurant is so cosy, all the tables are located around the sushi-belt. If you see a sushi or side dish you would like, you just open the door to the belt and take the food out. All the food is served on these cute coloured plates, and the belt serves both hot and cold dishes. Sushi, rice, soup, vegetable dishes, icecream and pie - they serve it all!


I hope you enjoyed reading this post about some activities I did while in Copenhagen! Stay tuned for part two - in which I will show you the make-up I bought in some Danish stores!

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