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Tønsberg, Norway

Recently I came across these cute Babylips Popart lipbalms in the H&M store here. Anyone who knows me a little bit, knows that I am an absolute lipbalm addict, and therefore I couldn't resist taking these ones home with me. 
The Babylips Popart come in five different flavours: Lemon Zap, Blueberry Boom, Grapefruit Zing, Pina Colada Pow and Bubblegum Pop. However, I only bought four of them - as the Bubblegum Pop one is pink, and I already have two pink Babylips in my collection which I barely use. 

For now I will review the four lipbalms you see on the picture above. Only the packages are already soo cute! I love the Popart design, it's so artsy! The lipbalms are with 49,50NOK(ca. $5) slightly more expensive than the usual Babylips. 

Three of the Babylips Popart are pigmented. From top to bottom I swatched Blueberry Boom, Pina Colada Pun and Grapefruit Zing. Lemon Zap is the only neutral one, which means it's not pigmented. The pink Bubblegum Pop is pigmented as well, I assume - as all pink Babylips lipbalms I've had so far are pigmented. If you read my review of the Babylips winter edition you can see the Sugar Cookie pink lipbalm - which has a similar colour as the Bubblegum lipbalm.


P I N A  C O L A D A  P O W - If you love coconut, you will love this lipbalm. This orange pigmented lipbalm has a lush coconut smell, just like a tropical Pina Colada cocktail. The smell of this one is my favourite of all four. I'm less fan of the colour it gives on your lips. It gives your lips a funny orange glow. I wouldn't wear this lipbalm when I go out on the streets, but for indoor use it's perfect. I have this one beside my bed so I put it on before bedtime. 

G R A P E F R U I T  Z I N G - This lipbalm gives a dark but bright pink colour to your lips. It's my favourite in terms of colour and pigment. The grapefruit smell is not extremely overwhelming like the coconut smell was, but it still gives a nice subtle fruity smell. A good Babylips to have with you when you go out, as it could actually function as a lipstick - considering the intense pigment it gives.

L E M ON  Z A P - Although I love the limegreen colour of the container, this lipbalm is actually my least favourite. The smell doesn't do quite justice to its name. The lemon smell reminds me of dishwasher soap, rather than a fresh zesty lemon. Lemon Zap is the only non-pigmented lipbalm of the Popart series. I like to use this one occassionally as a neutral lipbalm when I'm not up for colour on my lips, but the smell makes the whole thing only a tiny bit disappointing. 

B L U E B E R R Y  B O O M - Again, I love the colour of the container, and this time the lipbalm is pigmented in the same lila colour. This lipbalm gives only a slight purple pigment to your lips - which makes it perfect for everyday use - as well as lipstick alternative. The smell is indeed blueberry, just as the package tells - a deep and sweet fruity fragrance.

Overall, I am very glad I could add these beauties to my lipbalm collection. As expected from Babylips, the balms are perfect for chapped lips in both summer and winter. Babylips promises 8 hour hydratation with its lipbalms - however that doesn't apply in my case, as my lips are so used to lipbalm that I have to keep applying new layers every hour - lol :p 

You have the chance to win two of these lipbalms in the mini-giveway I'm hosting for my blogs' two -year anniversary. Click here to enter. You can of course choose your two favourites from all five - so Bubblegum Pop as well.

If you're entering the giveaway, feel free to post your two favourites below in the comments! Which ones would you like to try? 

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  1. I think my favourite might be grapefruit zing as well, I've never seen them in h&m before but I must hunt for them the next time I go! xx

    1. I hope you find them! Yes Grapefruit Zing is the nicest of them all :D

  2. Beatriz CorreiaJuly 22, 2016 3:39 pm

    I live in Portugal and in here we don't have Lemon Zap... I'm addicted to baby lips so I really would like to add that to my collection :)


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