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Now July is almost over, it's time for a wrap-up of my monthly favourites. I'm gonna try to keep writing this series every single month from now on. Shortly summarized, this monthly wrap-up will be a mix of personal favourites and smalltalk.

First of all, I must share a few important things with you:

  • I implemented Disqus as comment system on my blog since a few days. But I have no idea how to make sure Disqus' comment count actually shows up in the 'comment' count line underneath each post on my homepage. Anyone?
  • After a request on my Facebook page - about if I could please start selling some Babylips Pop Art on Ebay, since Maybelline apparently thought the UK population wasn't suitable for the flavours Lemon Zap and Pina Colada Pow(like wtf? Somebody must have seriously misunderstood the idea of doing proper market research in the UK - or have they only asked the wrong people?) - I can hereby announce that I AM SELLING those flavours on Ebay now. Unfortunately, Norway isn't the right country to purchase from if you search for a reasonable price - so I had to put the price up a bit in order to make it worth it for me to sell them. No idea if anything of this is even legal - but then again - I'd just advise Maybelline to do better market research the next time. :)
  • I am glad to tell you that JT and I finally found ourselves an apartment in the middle of Oslo city. The apartment itself is tiny, but the location could not have been better - as it's a prime spot between the National Theatre and the Royal palace. Out of all people interested in renting the place, they decided to choose us - and we couldn't be blessed more. So, in a month from now, we will be doing urban living! 

Now, let's get on to the July Favourites!
I must say I didn't do so much besides keeping up blogging, catching Pokemon and watch series - since I'm pretty much still knackered from the whole wedding and honeymoon. 

One item I've been using more than anything this month, is this facial suncream from Calypso. It has SPF 30 and can be used as a daycream each morning, before applying make-up. It protects my face from the sun - but still lets me get a tan. This suncream also comes in the perfect travel size. On the background you see my favourite Dutch magazine, called Quest - which I receive monthly, even in my Norwegian mailbox!

I've actually been a really bad reader so far this year. I just finished Prodigy - which is the sequel of Legend written by Marie Lu. The third book is called Champion, for those who are interested :) In order to understand the story, you should actually start reading Legend first - as it explains most of the details. Prodigy starts with a boy called Day who escaped the Republic of America together with the Republics' prodigy June Iparis. To the Repubic, Day is the biggest criminal out there - but in fact he's actually a good guy who helps the poor. June and Day end up with the Patriots, helping them plan a riot and takeover the Republic. But they find out that the Patriots' plan isn't without lies, so they decide to run their own plan alongside.

I find this book very easy to read, it reminds me a lot of stories as Divergent and the Hungergames - so if you like these, you should definitely give the Legend serie a go. 

A song my hubby and I have been listening (and dancing) a lot to this month is Sultans of Swing from Dire Straits. You should definitely give it a listen - the swingy guitar music will sparkle up your mood in no time!

I'm gonna state the obvious here: the app of July is of course POKEMON GO. I found myself addicted already before the game officially came to Europe's appstore. It's great fun to walk around, finding new places, new Pokemon and make new friends. I've seen people on the streets that surely hadn't been outside for years - judging by how pale they looked, hehe. Some of my proudest achievements so far have been evolving my first Eevee into a Vaporeon, owning my first gym - and catching a Jynx pokemon, which reminds me of Nicki Minaj.
At level 5 I chose to be in team red - which is called Valor. Don't ask my why, but ever since then I'm completely into promoting #teamvalor and making the other gyms turn red. 

This month's place to be is definitely a café called Babels, here in my hometown in Norway. I love to sit here and relax with my hubby while enjoying a cup of Mello coffee and their cake of the day. My husband is a huge fan of their homemade Bounty Chocolate cake, but for me every chocolate cake is fine really :) And with Pokemon Go, this place became a Pokestop - which makes it even more worth it for us to go there, hehe. 

This month I've really been enjoying Norwegian shrimps. Yep, the quite big ones with eyes that you have to peel yourself! We eat them with white bread, mayonaise, avocado, chilipepper and lemon pepper. It's the perfect healthy and fresh meal for late summer evenings with family. As I forgot to take proper blog pictures on the evenings we ate shrimps, here is a picture from last summer. 

With my blog account, I come across many interesting new instagram accounts to follow. This month I found this photography account runned by Jennifer Hordi - @jkhordi on instagram. She is a New York based photographer and takes stunning pictures of the city. I especially like her recent photo's of a thunderstorm and rainbow over NYC. Some photo's look almost apocalyptic.

Everytime I do monthly favourites, I want to include a little shoutout to a blogger that I started following during this month. Someone who deserves a little attention and credit for his/her work. For this month I want to feature Leta from The Nerdy Me blog. She writes about her life and travels and things she loves, and she's also really funny :) 

Btw - what do you guys think about me doing interviews with other bloggers every now and then? In which I ask them random and fun questions about them and their blog. I thought of it being a fun way to get to know different bloggers! If you'd like to get featured on my blog with an interview once - leave me a comment! :)

& do you also play Pokemon Go? Which team are you in, and what is your favourite Pokemon? 

Don't forget to enter my little giveaway, which will end the 12th of august. :)

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