11 Useful Blog Apps for Android

Hello loyal readers, and Happy February!! I can't believe the first month of 2016 went so quickly. I had planned on doing some outfit shoots outside but since it's insanely cold and snowing here in Norway, I decided to skip that for now. Okay, let's get to the topic of this post.

I think the majority of bloggers use an iPhone. Nevertheless, I use an Android phone. I have always used Android, and I am very content with it. I have had my hands on an iPhone too, and I know how the things work - and yes I might even switch to Apple after a while - but for now I am a happy owner of a beautiful Sony Xperia Z3. My main reason for using this phone is that the screen size is huge (5.2 inches) and no iPhone device has exceeded that size as far as I know. I like having a big screen to work on. I do also own an iPad which I only use for gaming and not so much for blogging.

I know blogging on a phone might be a bit of a difficulty as it's just a lot smaller and it doesn't edit so smoothly as on a laptop - but as an avid blogger you might wanna use your phone as an editing tool on the go. In a never ending pool of app supply it can be hard to find the right apps to use for blogging. In this post I made a list of apps I use myself for blogging. Some of the apps might be available for iPhone as well.

1. The Blogger app.
I put this on number 1, as it is possibly the most logic option when you use Blogger. The app is perfect for quick grammar editing and for making a draft when you have blog inspiration on the go.
This app is also available for iPhone and iPad, but I remember it cost a bit of money when I got it on my iPad.

If you're a Wordpress or Squarespace user, you can find those blog apps in the Google Play store too. I have heard that the Wordpress app is absolutely sublime compared to the Blogger one.

2. Google Drive
Google has so many useful apps, and Drive is one of them. Google Drive offers you 15GB of storage which you can use on your phone and laptop. Think how easy it is to transfer photos from your phone to laptop: Just upload them to Drive - Open Drive on your computer and pluck them off again - Voila!

3. SomNote
This notepad app is perfect for writing down blog ideas and categorize them. I like the system this app has. You can make different folders for different topics and give them all a colour to distinct them. It is even possible to put password protection on folders, so no one but you can open them. The app also offers a payed option of $3,99 a month which gives you some premium features including 30GB storage on SomCloud. (The free version only gives you 3GB storage) Besides the organisational advantage, the app also has a very cute design!

4. Lidow
There are many photo editing apps out there, and I do have plenty on my phone as well. I would not recommend Lidow if it only was for using it in combination with Instagram. But if I use my phone to take blog photos, I wanna make sure they're as light as possible before I publish them on the blog. This is where Lidow comes in handy - as it has got some good tools to adjust brightness in blog photos.

5. Twitter
Obviously together with Instagram and Facebook probably the most important apps to promote and share your blog. I personally use Twitter the most. I love to participate in Twitter chats and get to know other bloggers out there!

6. Evernote
I have not used Evernote so much for blogging yet, but it looks very promising. In Evernote you can write your ideas down, make lists, add images and locations.

7. Google Keep
Keep is very similar to Evernote, only that it's one of Google's own services, and I tend to use Keep more often than Evernote.

8. Google Analytics
Any blogger that takes him/herself seriously should have a Google Analytics account. To me, Analytics is one of the most useful tools I use for blogging. It helps me keep track of my blogs' growth, see pageviews, unique visitors, demographics, acquisitions, and realtime visitors. Analytics is probably the first thing companies ask for if they want you to work with their brand.

9. Bloglovin
Bloglovin is absolutely essential for a blogger like you and me. I first disliked the app because there was something wrong with the follow-function. I always used the website instead of the app. Just today I checked the app again, and now everything seems to work just fine. Bloglovin gives you an easy overview of updates from the blogs you follow. Read their blogposts as they appear in your feed. I praise the Bloglovin app for its nice design and simplicity.

10. Buffer
With Buffer you can schedule both Tweets and Facebook posts. At the moment I use it for Twitter only, and just occassionally. I don't like to constantly schedule tweets as that makes my Twitter become very unpersonal, but I sometimes schedule tweets if I uploaded a new blog post. Buffer automatically calculates the best upload times throughout the day. This comes in very handy if you're for example from Europe but want to reach audience in the U.S. or Australia. Schedule your tweets around 1:00am or 5:00am and your American followers will automatically see your tweets while you're asleep!

11. Google Adsense
This is a last - bonus- option if you use Adsense to generate income with your blog. Personally I have just gotten into installing Adsense and figuring it out. I don't really use the app, as Adsense doesn't really work for me yet. I think it's a good thing when you're a blogger with a big audience - but for smaller bloggers it's maybe not recommendable. Does anyone has experience with Google Adsense?

Which apps do you use for blogging?

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  1. I use an iphone but these seem really helpful! I just got adsense and really have no idea on how to use it haha.
    Do you use dropbox? I find that to be one of my most helpful apps for blogging! So easy to transfer photos from your computer to phone

    Lee - leethrifts.blogspot.com

  2. Great tips & ideas for useful apps, love! Being an iphone user, I actually have a number of these :) Hope you are doing great, hon!
    xox Nadia

  3. iPhone 6 pluss is bigger than Sony experia z3 and all other Sony phones😊😊👍👍 and it's much faster and and better!😆


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