11 Useful Blog Apps for Android

Hello loyal readers, and Happy February!! I can't believe the first month of 2016 went so quickly. I had planned on doing some outfit shoots outside but since it's insanely cold and snowing here in Norway, I decided to skip that for now. Okay, let's get to the topic of this post.

I think the majority of bloggers use an iPhone. Nevertheless, I use an Android phone. I have always used Android, and I am very content with it. I have had my hands on an iPhone too, and I know how the things work - and yes I might even switch to Apple after a while - but for now I am a happy owner of a beautiful Sony Xperia Z3. My main reason for using this phone is that the screen size is huge (5.2 inches) and no iPhone device has exceeded that size as far as I know. I like having a big screen to work on. I do also own an iPad which I only use for gaming and not so much for blogging.

I know blogging on a phone might be a bit of a difficulty as it's just a lot smaller and it doesn't edit so smoothly as on a laptop - but as an avid blogger you might wanna use your phone as an editing tool on the go. In a never ending pool of app supply it can be hard to find the right apps to use for blogging. In this post I made a list of apps I use myself for blogging. Some of the apps might be available for iPhone as well.

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