My Christmas Holiday || Part 2

Part two of my Christmas Holiday is finally here! Better late than never I'd say. For new year's - we'd been invited by some of our friends in Copenhagen. As some of you might know, I've done a summer school in Copenhagen for a month in 2014 - so for me it felt good to be back again! I absolutely love Copenhagen, and this was the first time that my fiancé and I got the chance to properly see the city. We were only there for three full days - as we traveled on the first and the last day.

To get there, we took the bus from Oslo to Copenhagen, all the way down to Sweden. On our way we drove through Göteborg, Lund and Malmö. When we departed from Oslo, it was absolutely boiling hot in the bus, as there was something wrong with the airconditioning. It was very humid, and I could barely breath. It was actually quite scary. Luckily we got to change bus in Göteborg, so the rest of out journey we had some better comfort.

In Copenhagen we stayed with friends. We had very good Danish food, and we played lots of board games together. I am very thankful for the time we got to experience there. Below are some photos I took - and I will explain some of them shortly. We only went out on Wednesday the 30th of December, as the other days the shops were closed and we just stayed inside where it was nice and cosy.

First Snapchat photo of the trip: My hubby and I having a coffee before we went on the bus.
Crossing the bridge from Norway to Sweden!

I didn't take many pictures during the bustrip, as the first part was boiling hot, and during the second part it was already getting dark.

On the first day, we went into the city to see Christiansborg (known from the Danish series of Borgen), do shopping and visit Tivoli. I will probably do a shoplog/outfitpost later on the blog, from the things I bought in Copenhagen.

Christiansborg! Unfortunately it was getting dark already - but the good thing about that was that I got to practise with my camera in night mode. :)

I copied this photo from instagram. Me and my fiancé at some sort of lake in the middle of Copenhagen.

There is Tivoli!

First thing Lise and I did in Tivoli was our tradition: going in Rutschebanen - Europes oldest wooden rollercoaster! And as always, we had to buy the photo to keep as a memory. 

Tivoli was so nicely decorated! It was all christmassy and cozy - I couldn't take enough pictures. I got to experiment a lot with the night mode on my new camera, so I'm sorry if the quality of the pictures isn't optimal everywhere. I hope you can feel the ambiance anyway!

(btw, If anyone knows why some night mode pictures are so 'pixely', please tell me. I don't know what I did wrong, maybe I made a mistake when editing. I only have my Nikon D5200 + Adobe photoshop CS6 for a few weeks now and I am still learning.)

This is a ride called Vertigo - and it's the most insane ride I've ever seen. If you wanna see a video of a ride on Vertigo, click here. 

The second day, 31 December, was the big day. Lise and I did our hair and make-up and we ate a delicious dinner.

(photo from instagram)

Mirrorselfie - ready for the eve.

Every brunette needs a blonde best friend!
(it's finally legit for me to say so, now I still have brown hair lol)

Counting down!

Lise pops the party - HAPPY NEWYEAR!!!

The best firework photo on my camera! As I go nuts by being outside with fireworks, I sent my hubby to take some pics, but we obviously have to figure this camera thing out, lol!

It was time to throw some pics on instagram :)

 On the first of January we slept long and hard - and afterwards, Jan and I went to the supermarket to stock up some (cheap) Danish goodies to take back to Norway. Seriously, Danish supermarkets really have the best of both worlds: They have cheap European goods, like typical foods I missed from the Netherlands, but also the expensive Scandinavian brands - which are obviously a lot cheaper as well. The second of January, our bus left at 1 o'clock in the afternoon and we started our journey back to Tønsberg! I look back on this week with only thankfulness and good memories. <3

How and where did you spend your newyear's?

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  1. Wow, looks like you had such a fun new years! I've always wanted to go to Copenhagen. It looks so beautiful!

    Lee -

    1. You should definitely go to Copenhagen on your next Europe trip! Maybe we can meet there, would be so amazing! I can speak Danish, so we will be fine haha :D


  2. Oh, the christmassy shots throw me right back into the December spirit! the whole trip looks so lovely. I´ve wanted to visit Copenhagen for a while now (but not in winter, it´s cold enough as it is in Germany, haha).
    xx Lisa | Following Lisa

    1. Thank you! You should definitely try to visit Copenhagen one day, from Hamburg there's even a direct train to CPH which takes only 4 hours. But I don't know where you live in Germany. :p It was indeed freezing cold there so I'd recommend taking the trip during summer instead! :)


  3. LOVED this post, babe! I am a huuuuge fan of reading your lifestyle posts and this Christmas recap is sure one of my faves! What an amazing time you guys have had! You deserve it, sweetie! Loving all the lights & fireworks are amazing, hon.
    Hope to visit Copenhagen one day with my babe and explore more of gorgeous Scandinavia :)
    xox Nadia

  4. Great post hun I've always really fancied going to Trivelli and these photos have made me wanna go even more now! Looks like you had an amazing few days and new year there.

    Love Hannah xx


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