Wedding Planner #1

Some of you might know that my fiancé and I are getting married on the 4th of June this year. I am excited and scared at the same time. Of course I have no doubt about marrying him, but all the planning and having so many people involved just scares me a lot.

On Twitter I held a poll asking if you guys would like to see me doing wedding updates every month on my blog. The majority of you answered with a big YES! - so this post is the beginning of my wedding-series, which I will try to continue every month here on my blog. I write about things I feel, and about the progress in planning - as some sort of a diary. This series is completely in collaboration with my fiancé JT.

Liebster Award

A few months ago I've been nominated for the Liebster  Award by both Lee from Lee Thrifts and Kaci from Earth to Kace. Thank you both so much for the nomination! 

Because of the November blogchallenge, and the hectic Christmas time, I hadn't been able to write about the award - until now. 

First, let me introduce you. What exactly is the Liebster Award? I must say that I hadn't heard of it either before I got nominated. The Liebster Award is an award given by bloggers to other -smaller- bloggers. As a (beginning) blogger, being nominated for the Award can be very beneficial, as it drives traffic to your blog - from the bigger blog that nominated you. The Award only exists on the internet - as some sort of chain that you can either choose to pass on, or to interrupt. 

My Christmas Holiday || Part 2

Part two of my Christmas Holiday is finally here! Better late than never I'd say. For new year's - we'd been invited by some of our friends in Copenhagen. As some of you might know, I've done a summer school in Copenhagen for a month in 2014 - so for me it felt good to be back again! I absolutely love Copenhagen, and this was the first time that my fiancé and I got the chance to properly see the city. We were only there for three full days - as we traveled on the first and the last day.

To get there, we took the bus from Oslo to Copenhagen, all the way down to Sweden. On our way we drove through Göteborg, Lund and Malmö. When we departed from Oslo, it was absolutely boiling hot in the bus, as there was something wrong with the airconditioning. It was very humid, and I could barely breath. It was actually quite scary. Luckily we got to change bus in Göteborg, so the rest of out journey we had some better comfort.

Glossybox Norway - December 2015

I know this post is a bit late, but my December was packed with other things, so I simply didn't find the time to do this post. So, here's my update on the Glossybox I got in December 2015. This box was called the 'Positivity Box' and the goodies were packed in a cute pink decorated box with inspirational quotes on it. When I opened the box, I was welcomed by this positive quote 'On a scale from 1 to 10, you're an 11'.

The box felt very heavy - as it contained 5 full size items this month! Curious what was inside? Keep reading!

My Cinema Visits 2015

In 2015, I had a whole new cinema-experience. Do you know that feeling when you're sitting ready to watch the film but first have to go through 15 minutes of cinema advertorials and trailers for upcoming films? And that, with every trailer, you think or say to your neighbour ''We HAVE to see that film too!!"? Well, my fiancé and I decided to just -YOLO- go to every film we wanted to watch this year! So these are the films I've seen in the cinema in 2015. I'm not sure if I put them in chronological order, but that doesn't matter. I will also tell you if I recommend the films or not!

My Resolutions for 2016

H A P P Y  N E W Y A R !!!

I spent my newyears' in Copenhagen with good friends and my fiancé. Therefore I haven't been able to post new updates, unfortunately. I had some posts planned for after Christmas, but I couldn't make it anymore to post them before departure. I will post them over January now, and hope you will still enjoy reading them! :) I am gonna make two posts about my Christmas holiday: One about my Christmas + a little haul of things I got - (I got a lot of presents but I don't like to brag about them, so I will only show a few of them on here) and one post about my time in Copenhagen. 

For now, I will tell you about some of my newyear's resolutions. I've never managed to stick to my resolutions very long in the past years, lol - but let's give the 'New Year, New Me' bullshit mindset a try. I divided my resolutions in five different categories and will describe them shortly. 

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