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Since two months I'm subscribed to the Norwegian Glossybox. I don't know if this box is any different than Glossyboxes in other countries. If it is, let me know in a comment what the box in your country looks like.

Because of the november blogchallenge I haven't been able to share my reviews of the Glossybox products yet, so here it is. An extra long post about the products I got from Glossybox in October and November. 

The items from October I photographed in the box of November because I threw Octobers box out before taking proper pictures - oops! The first item in here was a small Loqi make up bag which you can see in my 'What's in my bag' post.

The other items you can view below. I've had some time to test almost everything, so on some products you can also read my honest review.

Emite Make Up - Diamond Heart base primer (travel size)
This product came right on time, because my old primer (from Loreal) was getting empty. I don't use primer everyday but only when I'm going to be away from home all day and I want my makeup to stay fixated on my face. I like this primer better than my old Loreal one as it is smoother and makes your skin more glowy. (price 35ml: NOK340/£25,90/€35) 

Elizabeth Mott - Lip Lacquer Classic Red
I was first a bit sceptical as this looked like a lipgloss and I'm not a big fan of lipgloss. But when I applied it, I was really surprised! WOW - What a bright and beautiful colour! It's not like lipgloss at all - this lacquer is matte and very well pigmented. Perfect for a night out or when you just wanna go classy or vintage. I can do a more detailed review + wear-on post for you, let me know if you'd like to see that! Btw, please excuse my rubbish photography skills here, I know that red on red isn't the best combination and here I adjusted the lighting a bit so the colour stands out even more. I'm desperate to improve my photography skills haha. (price: 219NOK/Couldn't find prices in other currencies)

Talika - Photo Hydra daycream
This cream claims to be the no. 1 cream to use energy from natural light to delve deep into the skin and moisturize it. I like the look of the tube, it looks very high-end and that's what it is according to the prize too. I haven't been using this cream everyday as I usually just use vaseline daycream - and I like to save the Photo Hydra cream for special occassions. Because it's so expensive, I wanna do as long as possible with this tube. :)
(price 30ml: 349NOK/$40,30/£26,78/€38)

Glam of Sweden - Caviar pearls
These are pearls for on your nails - isn't that just so cool!? I've never had them before and am really excited to try them out. I think I am gonna try to wear them with Christmas as they look so festive. I hope it's not gonna be too much of a mess when I apply them, with all those tiny pearls! (price: 39NOK/Couldn't find prices in other currencies)

These are my November Glossybox items: 

Etre Belle - Golden skin caviar eyegel Roll-On (travel size)
I've never had such an eyegel before. You apply the gel with a metal roller ball on top. The package says the gel is anti-ageing, exactly what I need haha. No kidding, I'll soon be turning 23 and I'm at a point in life where the inevitability of ageing kicks in. Anyways, I tried this eyegel for some days now, and although I can't really say if it does anything to prevent my skin from ageing - it is definitely a refreshment in the morning and it helps a bit for the bags under my eyes. (price 15ml: 395NOK/$24,95/£30 /€41,90)

So Susan Haute Light Eggshell with white truffle extract
I noticed that Glossybox sent me quite some items from So Susan. I've received a eyeshadow palette and peachy blush stick from them before, all good products in my opinion. Besides that, I am not so familiar with the brand So Susan, and have no idea where I can buy that in Norway either. I've also never had a highlighter pencil before - I usually use powder highlighter. The good thing about So Susan is btw that all their products are cruelty free! I tried this highlighter once, and I like the color, Eggshell, which combines well with my skin. (price: 185NOK/$19,95/£14,95/€20,95)

I love... Mango&Papaya bath and showergel (travel size)
I'm so happy I got this cute flacon from I love..! I've seen these showergels in the shops many times, but never bought one for myself because I tend to buy cheaper Nivea showergels for daily use. Too bad I didn't get a full size bottle. I absolutely love the smell and now I am convinced that I should buy this brand more often. They're perfect for gifts as well, so if you're looking for a Christmas present: I'm sure the receiver will like it! (price 500ml: 69NOK/£2,99/€5,95)

Balmi - Lipbalm with cherry flavour
This is my favourite item in this months' box. I've always wished myself a Balmi but never bought one as I can seriously swim in my amount of lipbalms and it wasn't needed to buy another one. the square Balmi boxes are so adorable, and they're basically just the square version of EOS. They're around the same price as well. This Balmi lipbalm is extremely smooth and delicious and I keep applying it over and over again. Although that's not necessary as it lasts quite long on your lips. I even like it better than EOS because of its smoothness. Balmi lipbalms contain jojoba oil, shea butter and Vitamin E and they're UVA/UVB protective. (price: 69NOK/£4,99/€4,95)

Make Up Store - Eye pencil Desert Flower metallic green
My first reaction was: 'Yes, I got an eye pencil!' and then I got so excited when I saw the colour. This dark green eye pencil with a touch of glitter is perfect for the holiday season now! I wasn't familiar with the brand Make Up Store, until I got this. (I know I can be a bit of a noob in makeupland as I'm used to buying low budget products during my student time :p) But I am so glad that through this subscription box I can get to know more high-end products. Make Up Store is founded by dr. Mika Liias in 1966 and he wanted to create a world of colour - with products of high quality for a relatively low price. Well, I'm sure gonna buy more of this brand - I love their eye pencils already! (price: 135NOK/€14,30/£10,08/$15,20)

The box costs around 180NOK a month, including shipping. I find it quite expensive, but just wanted to try it out for some months and see if I like the content. I might quit my subscription for 2016 as we have to save money for our wedding hehe. And life is all about prioritizing, isn't it? Anyways. Will you let me know if you'd like to see a more detailed review on one of these products? I'd love to make them!

Have you tried any of these products before - and if yes - what's your opinion on them? I'm curious!

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  1. FAB Glossy Box items, hon! Wow, so many unique and interesting products - love them all! Caviar Pearls surely look smashing! I honestly think of starting a subscription and then chicken out for some reason haha. Please tell me to get my 1st box asap ;)
    xox Nadia

    1. hahaha please get your 1st subscription box! It's so much fun, and a surprise what you'll get each month. It's too bad Norway doesn't offer many different subscription boxes. This one is in fact the only one I know of haha.

      I might actually do a nail art DIY thingy with those caviar pearls and post about it if it turns out well! :)


  2. I never thought I would like subscription boxes so much but I started with Birchbox and I'm hooked! Glossybox looks cool too but I love Birchbox too much to try another one probably.

    xx freshfizzle

    1. I'd love to try Birchbox too, if only they had them in Norway! :(

  3. So many cute and interesting products. I need to get with subscription boxes. It must be such a great way to try out different products.

    1. It is! You could always try it out for just some months. :)


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