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Hello and M E R R Y  C H R I S T M A S to you all! I am very sorry that I haven't posted any updates for more than a week now. I was planning on uploading a video of me doing the Christmas Tag, but then I felt so insecure about uploading it that I decided not to do it but just answer the questions here instead. It was the first time that I tried making a video, and it worked out quite well; I learned how to edit in iMovie and got some good edit skills. However, I found it a bit too awkward to upload it to Youtube and share here on my blog. I am gonna intensify practising talking to a camera, so I feel less awkward and become more confident. For now, I hope you enjoy reading my answers on the Christmas Tag!

My Birthday + Christmas Wishlist 2015

A very popular item among bloggers during Christmas is of course the Christmas wishlist! As I have my birthday on the 22nd of December, I usually get a lot of presents in a short time. So I thought it'd be fun to share my Christmas + birthday wishlist here. Those of you who followed my November Blogchallenge, know that I've also shared a fashion/item wishlist with you there. That one you can find here. I still wish for all of those items, but I will not put them on my list here again. I am aware of the fact that many items on my list are crazily expensive but isn't this the time of the year to just go wild for once in your life and dream big?

Christmas Recipe: Pepperkaker!

As you might know, I am originally from The Netherlands but I have lived in Norway for a year now. In Norway Christmas is a HUGE thing, and I thought it would therefore be cool to share a traditional Norwegian recipe with you, along with some Norwegian Christmas traditions. The recipe is for gingerbread cookies, called 'pepperkaker' in Norwegian. I made them glutenfree as I don't tolerate wheat, but you can use normal flour as well.

[This post is a collab with Marshmallow Skies - she's doing an advent calendar on her blog and this is my entry :) - Go check her out!]

Let's get started!

Glossybox Norway - October & November

Since two months I'm subscribed to the Norwegian Glossybox. I don't know if this box is any different than Glossyboxes in other countries. If it is, let me know in a comment what the box in your country looks like.

Because of the november blogchallenge I haven't been able to share my reviews of the Glossybox products yet, so here it is. An extra long post about the products I got from Glossybox in October and November. 

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