Maybelline Babylips Winter Editions 2015

As today's Blogchallenge post was a bit short, here's another read for you! I recently came across some new lipbalms from the Babylips winter collection at H&M. Aren't they just the cutest? In this article I'll review them shortly and give you my honest opinion about these cute lipbalms.

There are four different limited winter editions, but I only bought three: Sweet Apple, Hot Cocoa and Sugar Cookie.
The other one is Mint Candy, but I personally don't like minty lipbalms so rather skipped that one for now instead of being stuck with a lipbalm I won't use anyway.

Funny fact: These names are the UK names - I heard that in the US they're named differently:
Sweet Apple = Spice it Up
Hot Cocoa = Cocoa Crush
Mint Candy = Mint Please
Sugar Cookie = Sprinkled Pink

I don't have a clue why they did that. To me it doesn't make any sense, and 'Sprinkled Pink' wouldn't make me want the lipbalm more than 'Sugar Cookie'.

The lipbalms all smell just as their names describe. I also like the package - look at the cute winter gloves!

Scroll down to read my honest opinion on the lipbalms after I tried them out for a week!

This one is my least favourite of the tree. The smell is good, but after a couple of days I got a bit tired of it. Like the smell gets worse every time you use it, and after some days the hot chocolate smell changed into a weird stinky smell. Currently I'm having a break from this lipbalm haha. 


I love the smell of this one! The colour is a bit too pink in my opinion, but it's very funny to sometimes wear it as 'lipstick' combined with a white sweater. Sugar Cookie gives your lips a shimmery pink effect, and I like how smooth this lipbalm is!


This one is my favourite of all three. It smells heaven, and gives your lips a red glow. I always prefer red tinted lipbalms over pink or colourless ones. Also when it comes to lipsticks, my first choice is always red. Sweet Apple smells apple and cinnamon and is definitely a musthave for this winter!


This is how the lipbalms look on my lips:

I bought these at H&M where they cost 49,50NOK each. (app. $5/€5)

Have you tried the Babylips winter lipbalms yet?

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  1. Hard to beat Baby Lips, they are so lovely & they are amazing for chapped lips treatment.
    Lovely review honey :)
    Hope you are having a great weekend!
    xox Nadia

    1. Thank you! I've had many different babylips and always love when there's new seasonal editions out! :D


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