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Grab a cup of tea, a cookie and make yourself comfortable! On a drizzly day like today, a movie seems perfect, doesn't it? In this post you can read about some of my favourite movies and recommendations. I will also write about two movies I first thought were disappointing but were actually really cool + two movies that seemed cool at first but really disappointed me. Hope you enjoy reading! (All the movie posters I used are found online, and belong to the rightful owner)

The following movies I have not seen in the cinema, but at home - and are some I would really recommend watching (Warning: this text may contain spoilers):

In case you didn't know yet: I am a big fan of science fiction movies and everything that has to do with space travel. Interstellar is therefore absolutely one of my favourite movies ever. It's based on theoretic scientific facts - which makes it even more interesting. In Interstellar, astronaut Cooper is sent by NASA to explore interstellar space and look for a new habitable planet because the earth is soon running out of oxygen. In his journey he discovers a black hole and wants to fly into it. What happens next are some very interesting scientific things.
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Ex Machina
In this movie, Alicia Vikander plays the main character: a human robot named Ava that is been developed as a test subject by software developer Nathan. One of Nathans employees, Caleb, is asked to test Ava. What Nathan doesn't know is that the robot is in fact smarter than he thinks. Ex Machina gripped me from the beginning to the end because until the very end it is unclear who is betraying who, and who is actually the bad one.
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Another science fiction movie which I really like a lot. Tom Cruise became one of my favourite actors after seeing Oblivion. In this post-apocalyptic movie, the earth is destroyed by a nuclear war, and the survivors are all moved to some sort of spaceship. Jack Harper is stationed on earth, and has to maintain robots that gather important raw materials. His memory is wiped out, so he doesn't remember anything that happened before - but miraceously this doesn't work on him, and he actually starts remembering things from life as it was before. When one day a spaceship crashes on earth, Jack saves a woman which appears to be his wife. He discovers that the whole operation where he works for, is actually a kind of alien creature that uses the earth to absorb energy for itself to live.

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Now I will tell you about two movies that surprised me, and two movies that disappointed me.

1. Edge of Tomorrow 
In Edge of Tomorrow, Major Cage (played by Tom Cruise) got stung by an alien creature which causes him to end up in a time-loop where he wakes up and experiences the same fights every day- until he dies and wakes up reliving the same day again. After a few days he meets a woman who helps him find the solution. At first I thought this movie would be a typical action movie, with lots of violence and killing, but in fact it was really interesting.
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2. The Imitation Game
This movie I've seen in the cinema with Jan. He took me there because Benedict Cumberbatch is one of his favourite actors. And now he's one of my favourite actors as well! The Imitation Game is about the historical event of cracking the code of the enigma - a secret coding machine used by the Germans during the Second World War. I like this movie because it's based on true facts, and because I am generally a fan of historical movies.
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Movies that rather disappointed me:

 Miss Congeniality Armed and Fabulous
I find that every movie with Sandra Bullock is mostly a great success, especially for me as a diehard Bullock fan. Though I really enjoyed watching part 1, I found part 2 to be a bit of a turnoff. It had maybe a lot of funny jokes and slapstick humour, I found the plot a bit lacking. Overall experience while watching was that the whole movie was a bit chaotic. Part 1 is defenitely funnier in my opinion.
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Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.
I watched this movie with Jan a few months ago, and though I was first very excited about it - the movie couldn't capture my attention. It is a very intelligent movie about the Circus - a pseudonym for the British Intelligent Service. During the Cold War, the Circus is in a intrepid game of hide and seek with the Soviets. Inside the circle of British spies, there is a mole. The movie is about finding out who is exchanging information with the Soviets.
Jan has seen it 6(!) times! (probably because of Benedict Cumberbatch :p) I am probably gonna watch it one more time to see if I understand it better a second time.
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What is your favourite movie? And which movie surprised or disappointed you? 


  1. I absolutely LOVE Interstellar & Oblivion. Really enjoyed The Imitation Game too!
    Great list of great movies. I definitely have a longer list of the ones that disappointed me lol but thankfully, I forget them quickly :)
    Hope you are having a great Monday, girlie
    xox Nadia

    1. Hahaha! Yea I forget them quickly too, lol! Thanks for the visit again! Xxx

    2. Hahaha! Yea I forget them quickly too, lol! Thanks for the visit again! Xxx

    3. Hahaha! Yea I forget them quickly too, lol! Thanks for the visit again! Xxx

  2. I looooved the imitation game! I'll have to check out a good bit on your list as I haven't seen them yet!

    Lee -

  3. A couple of these movies I haven't seen yet! I should check them out!


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