My 10 Likes and Dislikes

So here is yesterdays topic! I hope you are still enjoying reading this challenge! Today I tell you about 10 of my favourite things - and 10 least favourite things in life. These can be anything such as beauty products, books, films, music, food, places - anything.


1. Bagels. Unfortunately I don't eat them so often because I don't tolerate wheat so well, but I find them absolutely delicious. My favourite place to eat them is Bagels&Beans in The Netherlands, and though I don't have a favourite flavour, I do prefer savory spreads over sweet spreads.

2. Lipbalm. I'm addicted to lipbalm and I own probably about 25 or more lipbalms. Because they're relatively cheap, I often can't resist buying one in the shops. I tend to use my EOS' and Nivea lipbutter with macadamia/vanilla flavour the most.

3. Lush. You probably knew that, didn't ya? I'm a big fan of Lush and like to shop there every now and then when I'm near one of their stores. I think my fave Lush product so far is the Ocean Salt scrub for face and body.

4. Blogging! How suprising. I love working on my blog, and interacting with other bloggers on twitter.

5. Zumba. I fell in love with Zumba 5 years ago when I first started on doing fitness at a studio. After a long break, I now go to Zumba at least once a week at a studio here in Norway again, and I absolutely love it! I actually love dancing in general. :)

6. Avocado. I'm trying to vary a bit in the spreads I put on my bread, and avocado with some salt and lemonpepper on top is such a good option!

7. MAC Faux lipstick. I recently wrote a post about this lipstick and Faux is by far my fave <3

8. Tommy Hilfiger. I simply adore the chique and sporty darkblue/red style. I love the perfumes, chose my glasses from Hilfiger and bought my own pair of Hilfiger boots from my first payment last year. And more is yet to come!

9. Tony Chocolonely Caramel Seasalt Chocolate. This is just the best Dutch chocolate ever. I always used to buy it during my time at uni in Amsterdam.

10. HEMA. Oh how much I miss this shop here in Norway!

It was so much easier to write down my likes than to find 10 dislikes! I don't like to sound negative about all this, but there's just a few things I do dislike more than I like them. Here we go! 

1. Synthetic clothes. They itch and they crackle when I take them off - sometimes they even give me an electric shock. I try to avoid them more and more.

2. Water with bubbles. Because water should just taste water and by adding bubbles it gets a strange taste in my opinion.

3. Bra's. Seriously, I enjoy every bra-free moment of my life. Bra's are the most uncomfortable thing to wear, ever. Doesn't matter if they're expensive or not, they always itch and I praise the moment of the day that I can finally undo my body from that piece of torment.

4. Sausages. They make me nauseous.

5. Ryanair. I have a love/hate relationship with this flight company. They're cheap as heck and always fly on time. They became much easier on handluggage restrictions after some time, but I still rather avoid them. They once denied me access on board because my handluggage was too big - this was in the time that they were very strict on luggage - And I got really panicked (i was 17 and it was ny first time flying alone). Besides that traumatic experience, I also hate their ugly yellow interior and their annoying sales strategies.

6. Norwegian brown cheese. A foreigner who received brown cheese as a gift once thought it was soap that didn't bubble. Doesn't that say enough? Haha, I probably insult many Norwegians right now.

7. Spiders. Needless to say, right?

8. TV. Believe it or not, but the last half year I dislike watching TV more and more. I often find it just too much noise and nonsense - and I'm sure it's due to my high-sensitivity. I feel I'm really growing old now.

9. Uggs. I never liked them, because they make people look so lazy. They don't seem to be very good for your feet either, and I find them very unfashionable as well.

10. Soccer. I've never had anything with soccer, and I.m that girl that finds it very hard to concentrate 90 minutes on a soccer match on TV. It somehow only happens when the Dutch national team plays the Worldcup finals.

What do you like or dislike at the moment?


  1. Oh man - I agree with all of these! haha especially ryanair - they can be so frustrating!! I also really need to get more into lush!

    Lee -

  2. Hahaha, awesome post! My favourites: Flying Emirates, drinking Biola, reading my book about Benjamin Franklin, Protestant work ethic, entering Dubai to 'salaaaaaam' and no visum, wearing Tom Ford specs, eating cinnamon buns from With, playing tennis, supporting Ajax, watching Spectre, all with you.

    My dislikes: Heavy meat, travelling without you, fruity chewing gum, rats (humans and rodents), Converse (and other sneakers of exceptionally poor sole quality), slow WiFi (one of the reasons I love Telenor), bad infrastructure (one of the reasons I love the Netherlands), the soft bigotry of low expectations, patriarchy, simple music.

  3. I loved this post! Bursted in to a laugh on that cheese part :D soap. HAHAHA ! Can't get over it. :D

    <3: Jasmin N |

    1. hahaha I laughed as well now! It was so funny! Glad you liked it! :D


  4. I absolutely agree with you on #8. I haven't had cable in YEARS and I love it! I'm able to find more constructive things to do with my time. Sitting down and watching tv and waiting through tons of commercials just seems like such a waste of time for me now.
    Also, I hate Uggs as well. Seriously the ugliest boots I've ever seen. Nothing screams "I'm basic" like a girl in Uggs.

    A Northern Light


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