My Day in Great Detail

I decided to change the topics from today and tomorrow, because today I'm having much more things planned than tomorrow. So today will be: my day in great detail - and tomorrow will be my 10 likes and dislikes!

Wake up! 

This morning I woke up at 7:00. Today is gonna be a great day! My dearly beloved fiancé will come back from his workweek in Pakistan, and I am gonna welcome him back at the airport in Oslo. I jump out of bed and make myself ready to go. I wear my MAC Faux lipstick today. I take the train at 9:00 from Tønsberg - it's gonna be a 2hr ride. It's rainy outside but I don't mind. It's only cosy to be in the train while the weather outside is cold and grey.

 Suddenly the train stops and we're all told to get out because of technical issues. Luckily I could get on the next train. I arrive at the airport at 11:17, and Jan lands at 11:30. I decide to buy a honey & almond hot chocolate at Starbucks and think by myself "Shall I go outdoors and see if I can spot the big Emirates plane landing? How cool would that be!" I walk outside, but it's absolutely freezing cold and extremely foggy. It always seems to be a few degrees colder up here than in T-town. When I walk back in, I see that the plane from Dubai has landed 11:21. Good, now the waiting can begin.
You know those people who stand at the arrivals with a note in their hands with a name written on it? They're waiting for someone to pick up. I always wonder what happens if you just walk to one of them and really enthusiastically tell them you're the person on their note. That'd be so awkward haha.

Jan appears after 30 minutes and after a big hug, we head towards the train which will take us home. In the train, Jan surprises me with the American Vogue which he bought me in Dubai (it's really hard to find here in Norway). I was so happy! I especially wanted to read it because of the interview with Angelina Jolie, wherein she talks about her private life and kids. I somehow have respect for her and her family.
Back home
To have Jan back home again is great! We eat lunch together and I make bread with avocado for us. After lunch I feel so tired that I decide to take a nap. Jan wakes me up again for dinner: lasagna!  My mom in law really makes the best lasagna ever. <3 

After food we prepare ourselves for the evening. We will take the bus into town at 19, and go to the cinema! Tonight we are gonna see Spectre, and I am so excited. I will not tell any spoilers, but Spectre was thrilling and surprising - really worth watching! Now we're heading home and I am almost done writing this blogpost. It was funny to describe my day in detail. Did you like reading it or was it too detailed?

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