Three of my Favourite Books at this time

As you might have noticed: I have a flag counter on the bottom of my page since today! It looks so cute, and interesting to see where my visitors are from. It also counts my pageviews from today - so in fact I got many more pageviews than the counter shows. Just so you know! Well, let's get on to todays post!

Today I'm writing about three of my favourite books. I wrote books in the challenge, but can it be series? Okay, I will try to even reduce this to my favourite book per serie. I'll not give any spoilers as some of you might not have read these books yet. These are actually only my 3 favourite books at this moment, because I have many more favourite books that for some reason didn't end up on this list, but let's get started!

Maze Runner - Death Cure
This is the 3rd book in the Maze Runner series, and by far my favourite. Some people say it's the worst book of the three, but I think it's the best. Of course part one and two are absolutely fantastic too, but I'll tell you why I like part 3 so much. After the Maze and the Scorch, the gladers think that Wicked's experiments are finally over. What Wicked doesn't know is that Thomas remember far more than they think. Thomas refuses to cooperate any longer and starts his own movement to destroy Wicked. The ending is -in my opinion- perfect. I will not spoil anything but it's not what you'd expect. Some people are absolutely disappointed by the ending, but I think it's great. The story has some unanswered questions, but I find that so cool about it because you have to think about it yourself - what could have happened and why?

Harry Potter - The Goblet of Fire
This book I just finished reading, and although I've red it in Dutch before - I like the English version so much better as it's the original language of the serie. In this book, Harry Potter is miraceously drawn as the 4th champion of the Triwizards Tournament, and has to compete against Cedric Diggory from Hufflepuff, Viktor Krum from Durmstrang and Fleur Delacour from Beauxbatons. I like this book in particular because it's one of the thickest HP books (if The Order of the Phoenix isn't thicker?) and the story excited me throughout the whole book.

Het Bernini Mysterie (Dutch translation of Angels and Demons)
I like this book because it's so complex. The story is very detailed and Dan Brown used a lot of information that's based on actual facts. The story takes place in the Vatican where Robert Langdon - a symbology expert- tries to find the Path of Enlightenment - a path made by the Illuminati. While the Vatican is ready to elect a new pope, the Illuminati kidnaps the 5 cardinals that are eligible to become the new pope - and hide a bomb inside the Vatican, that will go off when all the 5 cardinals are killed. Robert Langdon teams up with Vittoria Vetra to find the cardinals and the kidnapper before it's too late. I'd really recomment reading this book because it's THRILLING. I think this is by far my favourite book of all time.

 Do you like any of these books? What's your book top 3 at the moment?


  1. Hard to beat Harry Potter babe! Love these recommendations :)
    I actually heard a different tip on the page counter from other bloggers - I mentioned it in this post of mine if you would like to read it hon:
    I do think it looks lovely and discreet though and it's lovely to know who's visiting your blog. It is, however, info only needed for you as an admin.
    My hubs loved the idea of making Norwegian carrot cake hon :)
    xox Nadia

  2. That's awesome, thanks for sharing! I found it very interesting to read!

  3. Interesting book choices! Harry Potter is always a perfect choice!

    Perhaps Bananas


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