My 5 Current Lifegoals

The last official task in the blog challenge is to come up with 5 of my current life goals. Tomorrow I will only be giving my feedback on the challenge and tell you some ups and downs of this month. I've been thinking about what my goals in life are at the moment. Of course the cliché goals like live  healthy and be good to others are among that as well, but for now I wrote down five concrete goals:

1. Be a good wife to my fiancé.
Obvious maybe, but this isn't always easy. When I'm tired I can be really frustrated and moody sometimes and it's my lifetime goal to work on that and become a better wife. Today we also set our official wedding date, which will be 4 June 2016!

2. Plan our wedding.
The obvious number two. This will be my life goal until our big day. ;)

3. Become skilled at photography.
I  want to develop photography skills for my blog and perhaps I want to set up my own photo studio in the future when I have the skills.

4. Get my zumba instructor certificate. 
I've always loved dancing, and so I love Zumba as well. Did you know that with an hour of Zumba you can burn 1000 calories? It's both fun and effective! I one day wanna get my instructor certificate, and maybe even work as an instructor at a fitness studio or get my own studio. I know this isn't the easiest, and at the moment I don't have a single gram of confidence to carry out this plan. Neither do I have the necessary amount of energy to dance several hours a day.

5. Do an education in what I really like - webdesign, SEO and photography.
I dropped out of uni twice, which made me feel quite a loser as I didn't know what to do next anymore. Currently I'm having a two-years break from doing any education. Through blogging I got the idea to maybe do an education in webdesign and web-developing, two areas where I can also learn about search engine optimalization and photography.

What is your current life goal? 

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  1. Good luck and I hope you´ll manage everything you desire! :)

    You can find me at:

  2. Fab goals! Love the ones about you and your future hubby, hon. You will definitely be a perfect wifey for him :)
    xox Nadia


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