DAY 28 || November Blogchallenge

The blogchallenge is really coming to and end now! Only two days left after today's post. Today I will be sharing an photo I took on this day and tell you shortly about it. There will be a second post coming up as well - later tonight - so you have something extra to look forward to! I love the new winter-themed layouts and decorations on, so you will probably see a lot of them in my post-headers the next months!

Today I went for a walk in the forest with Jan. I've had bad headaches since yesterday and he suggested that taking a walk outside might help. It did help for some time, but this headache is really weird as it appears and disappears many times during a day. I always have headaches on the left front side of my head, above my left eye. But anyway, I don't wanna spend time writing about my headaches. Let's get to the photo I took!

This blue thermos flask I bought at Søstrene Grene here in Tønsberg, and it's so cute with the hot-air balloon design! I took it on our forest walk today, so we could drink hot chocolate. <3

Btw, what do you think about writing copyright on blog photo's? I do it now since a while because I saw other bloggers doing it, but I don't know if I should continue or not. What is your opinion on this? Let me know please! :) 

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  1. Awww sweetie, hope you get that headache sorted out! I hear ya because a month ago I had a migraine for 12 days (!!!). I know, crazy! I even had an MRI done and all the tests. It happened to be tension migraine aka huge stress. So yeah, I am trying to chill out :)
    Have you had your eye sight checked, sweetie? Also, have you had a cold? Because it could be sinusitis if your nose is blocked. Hope you are feeling better now!
    Keep me posted how you're getting on <3
    xox Nadia


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