DAY 25 || November Blogchallenge

The end of this blogchallenge is very near now! Only 5 days left and then I will have a more relaxed blog life in December I hope. I will not do Blogmas this year like in posting something everyday, but I will definitely do some Christmas related posts throughout December! I will for example share my cinema visits and books I red throughout 2015 with you.

For now, the task is to post an old photo of me. I chose to share a photo from when I was a young child. I guess I am around 3 years old on this picture. It's so cutie, haha by far my favourite childhood picture of me. :)

A very short post like this was absolutely needed in this challenge. I find it quite hard to come up with good content every day, so a day like this was to be expected.

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  1. Awww your are so damn cute! I love seeing people's baby pictures :)

    A Northern Light

  2. Adorable! And your outfit is so cute! :)


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