DAY 24 || November Blogchallenge

In today's post I'm gonna share my wishlist of fashion items and accessoires with you. I will keep it short, as I am also planning on doing a Christmas + Birthday Wishlist soon in December, where I will make a longer list of all my desired items. Hope you enjoy scrolling through my short wishlist!

 Lipstick Lipstick* Mac Twig and Mehr
Since I got my first two Mac lipsticks recently (review here), I am totally in love with lipsticks from Mac. I like that they have so many different shades, and the quality is sublime. I basically just want ALL of their lipsticks, haha. But my next choices will be Mac Mehr and Twig - although I like Captive and New York Apple very much too. (€18,50/172NOK)



                                                                                 * Tommy Hilfiger wallet
Tommy Hilfiger Honey Ladies Wallet AW0AW00855-002I've been looking long for a good quality wallet that would also be big enough to fit my phone inside. I was just googling randomly for such wallets, and came across this Hilfiger wallet. People who know me a bit, know that I am a big fan of Hilfiger - so this wallet would fit me absolutely perfect! They're a bit pricey, but I think it will be really worth it. I would like to have the darkblue version. (€71)



* H&M Bouclécardigan
This cardigan looks so warm and comfy for the winter. I would like it in black, although grey looks nice too. (€34,90/349NOK - size L)


* Hunter Tall Gloss Wellington boots
I'm in love with Hunter boots and I desperately wanna get my hands on a beautiful glossy black pair of those boots. In Norway it rains (and snows) quite a lot, so they will be very useful. With extra socks, they will be very comfy during cold days as well. (€130 - size 41)


Classic St Mawes 36mm

* Daniel Wellington Classic St. Mawes Watch
I like this watch because of its classyness. The brown leather wristband and the gold-rose dial make this watch look both cute and elegant. I could combine it with my everyday looks and never get tired of it. (€169/1549NOK)


* Pyjamas
I have a whole bunch of old pyjamas from Primark and some other cheap shops, but I'd love to have a good quality set of pyjamas. I found this soft grey one in Cubus, a Norwegian shop. (mix&match 199NOK/app. €19,99 size Large)


By the way: I updated my post from Day 22, about what's in my bag, because I forgot to add some essential pictures. Go check it out if you like! 

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  1. Amazing post dear! I love it:)

  2. Great list! I'd love a daniel wellington watch as well :)

    Lee -

    1. Thank you Lee! :D I'm adoring that watch haha, can't think of any other watch anymore :P

  3. Gorgeous post girlie!! So nice to be back to your blog!
    Such a fab wishlist, I would take anything from this list any day :) <3
    I have your blog link open on my computer and will be catching up on other November Blogchallenge posts tomorrow woohoo - excited :)
    P.S. I don't know how you managed and did such a great job, hon! I am toying with the idea of Blogmas but not sure I would be able to "produce" such a quantity. I might just increase the number of posts to 4 (max 5 per week) ;)
    Hope you are having a lovely week, sweetie!!
    xox Nadia

    1. Can't believe you're gonna read them all! :D So glad to have you back! <3 It is indeed quite challenging to produce quality content every day. I will write more about that in my last post of this challenge, on day 30. Can't wait to follow your December posts! Thanks so much for your visits sweetheart! <3

  4. Daniel Wellington watches are so beautiful! And a good set of PJ's can make a world of difference!


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