DAY 22 || November Blogchallenge

Although my bag looks relatively small, I keep a lot of stuff inside it. I am currently not going to any school - and for work I don't need anything specific so there will be no keys or schoolmaterials. I used to have my agenda in my bag as well, but since I really have a relaxed life at the moment, I don't use an agenda.

Let's start with my bag first. This cute brown little bag comes from H&M and I paid 250kr for it (around €25). Inside it has quite good capacity, divided in one big main pocket and two smaller pockets.

First thing inside my bag is ofcourse my phone (Sony Xperia Z3), my powerbank for charging my phone on the road, and my earphones.

Then there's my glasses from Hilfiger and I always carry a bottle of water with me.

My passport and two little travel journals(from Hema) + a pen to write with.

Tissues always come in handy! Together with a tin for periodical 'emergencies', antibacterial hand gel and wet wipes I'm always well supplied.

Without candy I would be nowhere! Fresh mints help me to stay calm in stressful and overstimulating situations (I'm high sensitive). The blink mints are in champagne flavour, which make them sparkle on your tongue!

How can I forget this? In this Loqi pocket, I have my lipbalm, Mac Faux, Argan oil handcream from Body Shop and a hairclip. 

In this cute little wallet I keep some small money and a plastic zip bag with just-in-case medicines.

And last but not least, a book to read during dull bussrides. :) 

Tomorrow I'll be sharing my 10 favourite pictures I found on Pinterest!

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  1. Ooh I do like your bag, it's an ideal size! I like the idea of carrying a phone charger thing, seems very handy xx

    Jasmine || blogsallbeautyy

    1. Thank you! Yes a powerbank is so handy! :)

  2. Those travel journals...I need them!!


  3. I always love having a peak into someone's bag :) Beautiful and super handy essentials, girlie!
    Plus, your bag is just perfect size (not to overpack) and it's really pretty!
    xox Nadia


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