DAY 20 || November Blogchallenge

In this short post I will share my 5 favourite products from last summer. I had the more or less genius idea to photograph some of the products in the snow on my balcony - as that shows the contrast between today and last summer. Excuse me for the use of summer and winter photo's all mixed up - the photo's in this post don't exactly complement eachother but anyways. Hope you enjoy reading!

1. EOS lipbalms
I used my three EOS lipbalms a lot this summer, they are all so summery! The red one is called Summer Fruit, the green one is Honeysuckle Honeydew and the yellow one Lemon drop. The yellow one has sunprotection as well - I don't know actually if the other two have that too. 

2. Lemongrass Eau de Toilette
This little bottle I bought at Tiger, a Danish shop here in Norway. It smells so nice and fresh!

3. Fruitwater
A healthy drink that I made a lot during the summer. It's very refreshing as well. I used a big mason jar and cut up some lemon, lime and strawberries - but you can use every type of fruit you want, I just wouldn't recommend using banana as that might give a mess. 

4. Kruidvat Walnut Oil
My own bottle is unfortunately empty, so I used an image from the Kruidvat shop website to show you. (I used factor 6 - not 50 ha ha). This walnut oil is one of the best things I ever used during summer. It makes my skin feel soft and smooth and your whole body will smell walnut! 
Source: Kruidvat

5. H&M mini nailpolishes
I found these cuties last summer for just 9 kroner per piece (around €1) and just had to get my hands on them. The quality is not very good as they don't last so long and don't pigment very well either. But I love the pastel colours, they're absolutely perfect for summer. 

Tomorrow I'll be talking about my celebrity crush! Looking forward? 

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