Some of my Favourite Places in Copenhagen

For todays' challenge I'm writing about a place I visited. I chose to write about Copenhagen as that city has left such an impression in the time I was there! I actually wanted to write about my experiences there last year, but I never completed that article somehow. So today is the perfect occassion to tell you all about my time in Copenhagen and why I find it such a fantastic city.

In the summer of 2014 I went to Copenhagen to do a Danish summerschool - to get to learn the language better. I applied because it was recommended by my university, where I studied Danish at that time. I lived a whole month at one of my best friends' place in Copenhagen, and we had simply the best time ever.
I went to Danish class every morning from 9:00 to 13:00. Every afternoon there were planned activities in which we could participate if we wanted to. I'll tell you about a few of my favourite activities and places that I'd really recommend visiting in Copenhagen.

Christiansborg Slot
This is where the Danish Parliament is seated. You might have seen this building in my favourite Danish tv-serie Borgen too. You can get different guided tours in the castle. I can't remember the name of the tour I did but it led us through various beautifully decorated chambers - like the Queen's dinnerhall, her private library, or the guestchamber for example.

This is a street where you can find a lot of good restaurants an café's. I think it's the coziest street in Copenhagen, because it's so colourful! I have not been to a restaurant here but just sat at the canalside enjoying the sun.

Amalienborg Slot
This is where the Danish royal family lives. It is really an impressive building! It must be weird though - to live in an insanely popular building and having to see only tourists when you look out of the window. From this building you can also see the Copenhagen Opera building on the water.

For all the amusement-park lovers: GO VISIT TIVOLI. This park is located right in front of the central station in Copenhagen. I'd recomment buying a daycard rather than paying separately for all the rides. It already pays itself off after 4 rides. In Tivoli you can find the oldest wooden rollercoaster from Europe, called Rutschebanen. Now, I am not a fan of rollercoasters myself but Rutschebanen was in fact really cool, and doable for people who don't like rollercoasters. Did you know that Tivoli inspired Walt Disney to build his famous Disneylands? 

Lise and me in Rutschebanen. No idea why we wear sunglasses - lol

 This was my favourite ride, called 'Monsunen'

This is a neighbourhood in Copenhagen were there are no laws. They call themselves a 'free-town', and yeah - they do literally everything that God forbid. The government has little to no influence in Christiania, which leads to people building their own houses from the weirdest materials. I've seen a house that was made entirely from windows! There's also a street where drugs are being sold, and it's forbidden to film there. Actually most people in Christiania don't like to be filmed or photographed so we had to be careful. It was a whole new and different experience to me, but to be honest I wouldn't go there a second time. It really has a weird atmosphere. Some people love it and others absolutely disgust it. I guess I'm the grey middle part here.

Rundetårnet (The round tower)
This round tower is built in 1642, and used as an astronomic observatory. From the top of the tower you have a magnificent view over Copenhagen city. The tower is part from a chapel and also gives access to a library and artgallery from the inside.

This is how Rundetårnet looks from the inside. This path was specially made for a (somewhat lazy) Russian Czar so that he could drive all the way up with his horse carriage. After that, there has even been a car driving up there and several bicycle races have been held in this tower.

This is the view from the top of the tower.

Rosenborg Slot
This castle I walked by every day on my way to school. From the outside it looks magnificent, and I bet it does from the inside too. Inside the castle are the crownjewels from the Danish royals exhibited.

Of course I visited many more places but this was just a small selection of some of the best places I've been in Copenhagen. I love castles - as you can tell now - because I find the architecture so fascinating!

Weirdly enough I can not remember so much from the shopping part we did, and from the café's we went to as I forgot their names. But I have some very good news, because Jan and I will go back to Copenhagen with newyears!

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Which place do you wanna visit in Copenhagen? 


  1. I would definitely love to visit Copenhagen! It's so amazing to read about different cities as it gives a better idea as to where to do & what to do when I am there :) Thanks for sharing, girlie.
    P.S. I followed you on every social media platform :)
    xox Nadia

    1. Thanks sweetheart!!I'm gonna follow you too :) You should deff visit Copenhagen one day! xx


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