14 of my Worst Habits

As human as we all are - we have our good and our bad habits. Talking about bad habits: some are really really rotten. You know those activities you absolutely dislike but still engage in? Here is a list for you with my 14 worst habits in certain activities we probably all recognise. Will you enjoy? I'm not so sure, ha ha.

My 14 worst habits:

  1. Skipping fitness because it's too cold, too boring, too far away or I'm too tired.
  2. I pretend to be on my phone, faking a call when I see sellers on the street and want to avoid them.
  3.  I also pretend to not speaking the language if someone random starts talking to me and I want to avoid conversations. (being bilingual is awesome)
  4. I eat vitamin bears as if it was candy. Way more than the daily recommended dose.
  5. Cancelling appointments for the reason of staying in bed watching Netflix.
  6. I never bother to participate in group chats.
  7. As soon as I get home I change into pyjamas and don't care about changing back in to my normal clothes if someone comes to visit.
  8. I instinctively apply lipbalm - as it's second nature.
  9. I itch my teeth when I concentrate on something far difficult such as editing my blog.
  10. When I can't sleep at night I sometimes find myself scrolling through online shops - comfort shopping.
  11. The fact that I find gaming quite important in life. 
  12. As soon as autumn kicks in, I don't bother shaving anymore. 
  13. Self criticism.
  14. I tend to finish peoples sentences.

Do you find yourself guilty on one of the habits above? 

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  1. Oh, I can find myself in so many of these. 1,5,6,7 are literally my everyday life. I can´t help it, even though I probably should. But then again we should not try to change ourselves into something we are not, so maybe I´m just keeping those bad habits.

    xx Lisa | Following Lisa

  2. I am definitely guilty of so many of these! I definitely stay in to watch netflix too often and never shave in the autumn hahah

    Lee - leethrifts.blogspot.com

  3. Number 8 is so me! I have a lipbalm in any pocket of jeans/sweater/jacket I own and they end up in washing machines! Haha



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