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Who doesn't dream of writing a book once in his life? I secretly do. I like writing stories every now and then - and today's thing to do is to post an alinea of a story I once wrote. I divided my story into chapters but they're actually just long alinea's.

Inspired by series as Divergent, the Hunger Games and the Maze Runner, I started writing a story about a boy named Clayton. The story has no title yet (let me know if you know a good title). I started writing on this about six months ago, and only wrote four chapters yet - and they're all still quite short. Here is chapter 1 - hope you'll enjoy! Please leave your honest opinion and remarks down below in the comment box!


Clayton felt a strange shiver going through his body. He looked around, but darkness surrounded him. ‘What is happening?’, he thought. Still dizzy from anesthesia, he moved his arms, trying to feel what surrounded him. He felt walls close to him, walls going up, in an oval shape. A shape of some sort of capsule, it seemed. Suddenly the capsule started moving. It shook uncontrollably before it fell straight down into something that looked like a tunnel. Clayton couldn’t see anything, as the capsule was completely dark, but he felt every single movement. His whole body hurt. When was this going to stop? The last thing he remembers were bright blue lights, like a galactic supernova in explosion.
 **The capsule stopped – a hidden side door opened, and Clayton rolled out of the capsule. The first thing he felt was soft grass. ‘I must be in heaven’, he thought by himself. Completely flabbergasted of all the things that just happened, he turned his head around to see where he just came from. The capsule looked like an ordinary grey capsule – like a small plane without wings. He didn’t understand how such a thing could move in the first place.  A red blinking light caught his attention. As he took a closer look, he saw the light came from a small square screen. In red letters blinked ‘SUBJECT DELIVERED’. As soon as Clayton read the letters, the capsule closed itself and disappeared up in the sky.
** ‘Move aside! Move!', a voice shouted from behind. Clayton was about to turn his head to see where the voice came from, and what he saw was nothing he'd expected. A big cloud of dust whirled towards him, coming from horse hooves. He noticed they were driven by horseriders. There were many of them - a small army. He estimated their number about to be forty. He opened his mouth to shout for help, but nothing more than a soft hush came out. It looked like the horseriders were chasing something – or even worse: being chased. Before Clayton could find out about it, the world faded and his mind turned black.

What do you think of this short alinea/chapter so far? Shall I continue? 
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