Fashion Lookbook for November 2015

Hello lovelies! My task for today is to show you my fashion lookbook for this month. The fact that I haven't had the motivation to go outside and photograph a lot of my outfits + the fact that it's absolutely freezing cold here in Norway made that today's lookbook consists merely of pictures I gathered online. With this lookbook I tried to represent my own wardrobe as much as possible - all the items are either exactly the ones I own - or very similar.

Globe necklace: Etsy | Watch: Daniel Wellington | Shoes: Nubikk | Nailpolish: Catrice Hip Trip 01

I don't know how to exactly describe the style I currently like. I am into black and white clothes - a Danish style. I like to mix that with dark blue or red and brown details. Most items in my lookbook are from H&M - so you know where to shop them. If otherwise, it's described underneath each picture. That I used mostly H&M pictures doesn't mean I got all my clothes there though, but it just was the easiest. I will make a better lookbook when I get my new camera in december :)

Scarf: Unknown | Key Necklace: I have mine from | Watch: Oozoo | Lipstick: Catrice Klimt's Ardent Kiss
(I forgot to add shoes here but I would combine it with the black Nubikk shoes you see above)
Clock necklace: Mine is from Etsy | Shoes: Nubikk | Lipstick: Catrice Klimt's Ardent Kiss

Nailpolish: Catrice A Little Dose Of Rose | Boots: Hilfiger Hamilton | Perfume: Tommy Girl

What is your favourite combination?

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  1. Ohhh - I love all of these! I think the last one is my favorite. love a good dusty pink cardigan

    Lee -

  2. My favorite outfit is definitely the last one. Love the pink items of the outfit. x

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! Dat is ook mijn favoriet op dit moment! :)

  4. I really like the look of the bag you've photographed here. Lovely post x


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