Spotify Shuffle - 10 songs and why I like them

Today's task is to put one of my Spotify playlists on shuffle and write about the first 10 numbers that pop up. I have A LOT of playlists on Spotify so logically the choosing would be hard - but maybe the most logic thing to do is to put the My Favourites playlist on shuffle. Dâh.

The first 10 numbers that came up where:

1. Shelter - Dash Berlin
I like the voice and the lyrics in this song a lot. 

2. Por Fin The Encontré - Cali Y El Dandee 
I love almost all Spanish music because of the great beats, and of course a lot of them - like this one - are perfect for zumba too! Songs like these make me wanna dance unstoppably!

3. Goðan Daginn - Sigur Rós
I love the melancholy in this song, and I love listening to the Icelandic language as it fascinates me.

4. Up In Prayer - Wise Ruby 
I added this song because the lyrics are beautiful and I like the melody.

5. Ghost Riders In The Sky - Johnny Cash
Ohh, did I tell you how much I LOVE Johnny Cash? I love his low bass voice and his music is absolutely great. And the funny thing is that my fiancé thinks exactly the same - he is also a Cash fan. 

6. Another Love - Tom Odell
This song has as rather sad melody and lyrics, but still I love the beat, and the melody. 

7. Airplanes - B.O.B. feat Hayley Williams
This one has been on my Favourites list since a long time, but currently I don't actually listen it so much. I think I added it because it was popular and I liked the beat and melody - and it's about airplanes :p

8. Castle Walls - T.I. feat Christina Aguilera
I find this a nice sort of background music to have on when I'm on the road. I think the beat is great and Christina's voice is nice to listen to.

9. Romeo - Søren Huss
This Danish song is about Romeo and Juliet, and it's quite melancholic. I remember that my fiancé introduced me to it.

10. Writings On The Wall - Sam Smith
A very recent add! This is the titlesong of the latest James Bond movie Spectre, and I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it - in the cinema. Just listen for yourself - it's amazing! 

You can find my playlist here. Feel free to follow me on Spotify too if you like! :)

What is your favourite song? 


  1. Aww I haven't listened to Airplanes or Castle Walls for such a long time, thanks for reminding of them! I've lately been listening to Ellie Gouldings new album non-stop :)

    1. You're welcome! Ahh, i haven't listened to her album yet - will do! Xx

  2. I loooove Sigur ros and johnny cash too! I haven't listened to airplanes in SO long.
    I followed you on spotify as well :)

    Lee -

  3. What an interesting challenge! I love the idea, especially as I have a lot of songs I added a long time ago - it's like a trip down memory lane!

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin'

  4. aww Love your playlist! cute challenge! :)

    Winn | ♥

  5. Love love love your choice!



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