Some of my Weirdest Hobbies

I do have some weird hobbies, yes - but who doesn't? Today you'll read about some of the more abnormal hobbies that I have.

The first one is defenitely Rubiks cubing. I used to own a cube when I was a teenager but I never managed to solve it. Until a few months ago, I suddenly got the urge to being able to solve a rubiks cube - and so I bought one and teached myself how to solve it by online tutorials.
It didn't take me long to solve a 3x3 cube so I decided to go for a bigger one. The 4x4 is a bit more difficult but if you manage the 3x3 basics you can basically solve every cube. It's all about learning new algorithms. Meanwhile I also own the 5x5, the mirror cube and soon the 6x6 and dodecahedron cube. I like to keep challenging myself with more difficult cubes all the time.

This is my current problem, lol :') - As you can see I'm stuck on the 4x4 for the first time, and I never managed to solve the 5x5 or mirror cube so far. 

Another one of my weird hobbies is that I am totally obsessed with planes and everything to do with aviation. I don't exactly remember when that started - it must've been after the first time I flew on a plane. I like watching planes in the sky, and at airports I'm totally hyper about all the big planes I see. I also have had a weird obsession with watching Air Crash Investigation documentaries for a long time - only I became so scared of flying, that I quit watching them. I am always very in shock when a plane crashes - think of all the people and how scared they must have been. During free moments of the day, I sometimes read about how planes work or I watch youtube videos of planes. Call me a geek now, haha. Reading about them made me actually less scared to fly. When for example my fiancé or my dad have to do a long haul flight, I like to track them on and look up all specifications of the type of plane they're flying.

I always take pictures when flying during daytime. This one is from Ryanair departing from Torp airport in Norway - heading to London Stansted. 

Last hobby I'll talk about, which might be a bit geeky, is chess. I've played chess ever since I was 9 years old, and loved it from the very beginning. My dad taught me and my brothers how to play, and except of my mom - out family played a lot of chess together. My dad owns a handmade chessboard and I think it's so pretty!

I'm really curious now - do you have any weird hobbies?

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  1. I love quirky hobbies, and you have three! Kudos for learning how to solve a rubiks cube, I didn't know it was related to algorithms! I'd love to play chess with my kiddlewinks and make it a thang..I better get practising! xxx

    Jesska - Opal Soul

    1. Hahaha glad you enjoyed reading! Thank you so much! Xx


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