DAY 11 || November Blogchallenge

Let me first describe today's mood. When I woke up I felt totally ready to start the day. I made a brunch of bread with avocado and bruschetta. Today is cleaning-day and blogging-day! I am in quite a good mood. And I am gonna clean. Let me see which song matches that ..

I am not gonna choose a song that is perhaps on my favourites list - but I am gonna look at the lyrics and the melody, and decide if it matches my mood. 

So for today's mood I chose a Disney song from the movie Enchanted: Happy Working Song! 
It's a very happy song, and that's how I felt today. The song is about working, cleaning the house etc - and that's what I have been doing today as well: Cleaning, reading a book and working on my blog!

I know, it might be a bit of an overexciting song, right? But this was how I felt today - so I had a really good day actually. :) 

I can remember seeing Enchanted in the cinema and it gave me such a happy feeling. Have you seen it too? 

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  1. I have seen the movie but didn't remember this! Great choice! My fav Disney song is A whole new world (as Alladdin is my fav movie!)


    1. Ahh that song is so good as well! Love Aladin! :D


  2. Awww that is such a great song & I definitely love to read that you were in such a happy mood hon. Hope that mood sticks around with you babe ;)
    xox Nadia


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