This is what's on my Bucketlist..

For today, the challenge challenged me to make an overview of my bucketlist! Yay!  I've been trying to construct several bucketlists during my teenage years - from camping in front of Johnny Depps house - to cycling all the way from the Netherlands to Norway - It couldn't be crazy enough.

Today, my bucketlist is a lot more serious. I made a collage from pictures I found online and on Pinterest - of things that are actually possible to do in life. A lot of things on the list are travel related.

1. Make a long roadtrip through the US or Europe with my fiancé.

2. Go to a drive-in cinema.

3. Finish an education.

4. Get my Zumba instructor certificate.

5. Become skilled in photography.

6. See the northern lights.

7. Start my own company.

8. Fly Emirates First Class on the A380.

9. Visit Los Angeles and Hollywood.

10. Take the Hekla Aurora to Iceland.

11. Go on the Hogwarts Express.

12. Start my own Youtube channel.

13. Go to Lush and buy everything I want.

14. Visit Alnwick Castle and do the Harry Potter tour.

What is on your bucketlist?

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  1. What a great list! a lot of these are on my bucket list as well! I'd looove to do a roadtrip across the US or europe! I also really want to see the northern lights! Basically, i want to travel everywhere haha

    Lee -

  2. Thank you! Travelling is the best thing one can have on his bucketlist, isn't it?!

  3. Ilse! Im from the #lbloggers chat today and had to stop by your blog! Love the challenge your doing! it can be hard to blog everyday but your doing it great! Good luck! Cant wait to see more posts from you! Followed your other social medias too! Xxx

    1. Thank you so much! So sweet of you to stop by and leave a comment, I'm always so happy to read comments! They make my day. Yes it is quite challenging to post everyday, but I have everything under control so far. :D Thanks for the follows, I'll follow you too! Xx

  4. Bucket list is such an amazing idea! I have over 120 items on mine so far (oh dear lol!).
    1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12, 13 YAAAS!!!
    Amazing goals, hon & most of luck to you to achieve them! You can do it, girl <3
    xox Nadia


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