The Importance of Bloglovin'

Most of you are probably already more or less familiar with the online blogger-community Bloglovin, so to you I might not have to explain the importance of Bloglovin, but this is for the readers that have a Bloglovin account but don't use it yet, the ones that are thinking about getting Bloglovin in the near future - and maybe for you who just wants some more information about Bloglovin.

Why is Bloglovin so important for a blogger like me?
Bloglovin is a platform for - the name already has it in it: people who love blogs. Through Bloglovin you can easily connect all your favourite blogs to your page and see their new updates in your feed. As a blogger, Bloglovin can be very beneficial as it keeps your readers being in touch with your blog and they will keep coming back to visit your blog.

On Bloglovin there's a page called Blog analytics, which shows you a graph that tells you how many followers you gained over the past time. This can be very helpful. On this page you can also connect your Facebook and Twitter page to your blog so every update you post will automatically be shared on there.

How do I gain more followers on Bloglovin?
Bloglovin is all about gaining attention for your blog. It helps to be active on as many as possible social media sites as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr, and share your updates with your friends there. Twitter is especially good for sharing blogposts I discovered. On Instagram you can't post clickable links under your photo's which makes it much harder for people to find your blog.
You can try to convince your family to make a Bloglovin account just for the sake of following you, but I'd rather recommend to connect with other bloggers instead. Try to find blogs that are similar to yours, also in the amount of followers, so that you can interact with them on their blogs. People with a small amount of followers are also more likely to reply on blogcomments than more popular bloggers with thousands of followers.

By adding the Blogloving widget to your page, bloglovers can easily follow your blog by just one click on the button - this feature makes it SO much easier to follow blogs immediately! 

Another great thing about having your blog connected to Bloglovin is that Bloglovin generates traffic towards your blog. It's actually the most popular blog-trafficgenerator on the interwebs!

The Bloglovin Influencer Network
Since this year, Bloglovin started its so called Influencer Network which simply means that companies or brands can find you and collaborate with you if they find your blog interesting enough. Collaboration with companies is often that they approach you and ask you to write about them or their products. If your blog has enough visitors and a solid fanbase, they'll see you as an 'influencer' and will be eager to get you to collaborate. I applied for this network a while ago but haven't heard anything from it so far, which isn't a surpise to me as my blog is not very widely known yet. I'm curious what it will bring me eventually though!

My personal experience with Bloglovin
I felt the need to write a post about the importance of Bloglovin and to tell you about a little experiment I'm gonna do there. Since I got a bit more into blogging, I also made an account on Bloglovin - to connect with other bloggers and maybe find other blogjewels. Little did I understand of the bloglovin community, and did I know that it was so hard to gain new followers!?

The experiment
I now decided to follow minimal 200 new blogs in the rest of 2015 - and see what it brings me! Maybe I'll get to know other bloggers like me, or gain more followers eventually. Who knows? That's why I'm trying this little - or 200 is quite big actually - experiment. I also decided to actively comment on blogs I like -and not just leave simple comments but put effort in them and write from the heart.

I will also follow you back if you start following me, out of sympathy - as I know how hard it is to gain followers.

You can find me here on Bloglovin.
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Do you have Bloglovin and do you use it? 


  1. Bloglovin is so fun and helpful finding new blogs. Love your blog by the way!


  2. Hi there Ilse, I found you via Bloglovin, not sure whether I followed you or you followed me, either way I am glad to have found you as I enjoy your blog.

    I did a Bloglovin' experiment last month - using the blogs I already read and love to find other bloggers. I wrote a post about it, it was a very interesting experiment. :)

    Anyway, just dropping through to say Hi and loving your work thus far. :)

    1. Hey, thank you so much! I think I followed you first, as I was looking for a similar Bloglovin experiment recently and found yours. It gave me inspiration to write about it and do such an experiment as well!

      Also, a big Thank You for following my blog! :D

      x Ilse

  3. I'll have to give BlogLovin' a look! Always seeking new ways to connect with like-minded bloggers (as you might be able to tell from Swap-Bot!). It sounds like a really great recommendation for people wanting to gain exposure and valuable feedback, too.

    I love the fresh look and amazing variety of content your blog hosts! Thanks for sharing =) - Ang (angel1985 from Swapbot for October Blog Hop)


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