Casual Autumn Outfit

A short outfitpost for the monday morning! 
This necklace I got from a penfriend in Iraq - The quote on the sword is Arabic and it says 'I God protect this person'.

Blue blouse: Miss America - Shoes: Nubikk - Other: H&M
Nailpolish: O.P.I. dupe from

Photo's taken and edited with HTC One M8 - sorry for not photographing more sides and details of the outfit, I should really learn to remember that while doing the shoot :p


  1. I love the necklace! The eye on it especially (which I get now, cuz of the quote) Beautiful!
    Bloghop- chantal0995

  2. Your blog is awesome. It's simple and neat.
    I'd like to have a layout like yours because is full of light.
    I literally adore that necklace and I adore even the story behind it.
    The fact that it si from Iraq make it so exotic.
    Blog Hop - dodibus

  3. I am dodothefairy from Swap-bot, dodibus is my nickname on blogspot, I get confused, I'm sorry!


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