AUTUMN MUSTS + My Personal Autumn Favourites

Yay, it's autumn! I hear you think - Wait, what? - How can people even like the autumn, it's cold and rainy and very depressing. Well, I LOVE autumn. Okay, maybe I'm a bit too optimistic now, but I just love being inside and write, work on my blog, read books and play games. Going outside and walk in the forest. Or run after it's rained. Did you know that Norway actually doesn't really know autumn and spring? It often starts snowing in October and that will stay until April. I don't mind, as the winter is actually my favourite season. In this post I'll write about 5 things that are absolutely a must to survive the autumn.

A few of my favourite teas: Harrods Ginger, Lipton Camomile and Pukka Vanilla Chai <3

Nothing is better than enjoying a cold rainy autumn day with a good cuppa tea. One can NEVER have enough tea on an autumn day. Tea with honey will also help if you have a cold. My favourite tea's for the autumn are Forest Fruit, Apple Cinnamon, Ginger, Chai and Camomile. Also try to find loose-leave tea, they often have a better taste and uncommon flavours. At Søstrene Grene for example, you can find some odd teas - but also at Dille&Kamille (in the Netherlands)

These are loose-leaf teas from Søstrene Grene: Summer Fruit and Baileys. I used empty B&J cups for storage.

There's always that book you decided to start reading one day, but never done so far. Autumn is the time! Get a blanket and some tea and snuggle yourself into a comfy chair. And open that book. If you're not an easy reader, try reading a book from a movie you like for example the Maze Runner, Harry Potter, the Hunger Games or The perks of being a wallflower. It will motivate you much more because you're already familiar with the characters. And you'll see that the book often gives many details that are left behind in the movie.

I'm currently re-reading Harry Potter in my comfy-clothes :)

Now I prefer to wear a huge oversized sweater, leggings and woollen socks when I am inside on an autumn day. It's worth to invest in some warm clothes where you feel comfortable in such as sweaters or socks. My favourite sweater and socks both come from H&M.

As soon as the weather starts changing and the temperature drops, my skin becomes rough and dry. Therefore I like to give my whole body some extra treatment during the season - for example with a footcream and handcream. I use the Coconut footcream from Burts Bees and Mandarin handcream from Rituals. A scrub can help to get your skin softer - and this doesn't have to be expensive either! Find some salt or sugar and mix with honey or coconut oil - and you have a very simple basic scrub. If you like I can make a post about doing some DIY scrubs?
My favourite hand- and footcream.

Personally I'm a huge fan of Lush. Unfortunately they only have a shop in Oslo, so I can't go there so often. Actually I've been the most to Lush Oxford when visiting my fiancé in the UK. If you have any Lush items in stock, such as bath bombs or scrubs: Autumn is the perfect time to use them!

Or a clean house. But I'll keep it to my room for now, as the house here is gigantic. When summer is over, I get an unstoppable urge to clean my entire room and make it cozy for autumn and winter. First I sort out all my clothes and throw away the ones I don't like or doesn't fit me anymore. Then I make a short list of items I absolutely want for the new season - such as a new sweater, black pants and new ankleboots, as well as some scented candles or scentchips and a new tea. Some new items can really give you + your room a boost for the autumn. After I sorted all my clothes, I throw the other garbage, vacuum and wash my entire room. When finished, I light a scented candle and make myself a good cup of tea.
lifehack: If you are plagued by a lot of insects - especially spiders - in your room, try spraying some vinegar, lemon or peppermint around windows and doors. Spiders don't like the smell of these and will hopefully not enter your room. 

What are your autumn favourites?

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