Announcement of the November Blogchallenge!

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You readers have so much to look forward to, because the plan for November is to post an update every day! I looked around to find similar challenges but I couldn't find one that would really motivate me, so therefore I wrote one myself. I used examples from other challenges - and hereby I announce The 30 Day Blog Challenge for November 2015. The reason I'm posting it now halfway October is because if you want to join the challenge as well, you'll have some time to prepare and write your posts beforehand and plan them. 

What is the idea of the challenge?
For every day I made a different topic or task where I have to write about. I will write as much as possible in detail about every topic.

These are the topics per day: 
(I might make some slight changes in the topics before the challenge starts so keep watching my blog)

Day 1: Write a short introduction about yourself + post a recent photo you took and tell about it.
Day 2: Write about a place you visited.
Day 3: Make a list of your 3 favourite books and write about them shortly.
Day 4: What is your favourite quote?
Day 5: 20 random facts about you
Day 6: 10 likes and 10 dislikes.
Day 7: Describe your day in great detail.
Day 8: Choose your best photo ever taken. Decribe the moment and explain why it's the best.
Day 9: Movietime!
Day 10: Overview of your Bucketlist.
Day 11: Pick a song that matches your mood today.
Day 12: Your 2 favourite cosmetic/body products.
Day 13: Weird hobby's
Day 14: Put your Spotify playlist - any playlist - on shuffle, and write shortly about the first 10 songs that pop up. Why did you add them?
Day 15: A picture of something that makes you happy.
Day 16: A healthy recipe.
Day 17: Make a fashion lookbook for this month.
Day 18: An alinea of a story you once wrote.
Day 19: My bad habits.
Day 20: Summer throwback: 5 favourites from last summer
Day 21: My biggest celebrity crush
Day 22: What's inside my bag? 
Day 23: 10 recent favourite (pinterest) pictures
Day 24: Your fashion/item wishlist
Day 25: An old photo of me.
Day 26: A letter to someone. Anyone.
Day 27: My OCD habits.
Day 28: Write about a photo you took today. (or your most recent)
Day 29: 5 current goals in life.
Day30: The ups and downs from this month. +A short review on how this monthly challenge went.

Feel free to copy this challenge and join me! If you do so, please let me know in a comment and share your blog so I can follow you! 


  1. This challenge is going to be challenging ( wow creative )
    I hope you make your goal ! :D

    1. Thank you! :) Yes it is gonna be challenging!

  2. I'm in! Super leuk idee dat er ook topics aan verbonden zijn, ik ga het proberen, pas dan misschien wel wat topics aan :) Liefs!

    1. Vet leuk dat je meedoet! :D Ja, natuurlijk ben je vrij om de topics aan te passen - ze zijn best wel breed zodat je er aardig wat creativiteit in kwijt kan! Ik hou je blog in de gaten! :)

  3. I may join day later!

  4. What a great challenge to do. I love it. I might even join in with you! I gotta look and see what I have going on! You are amazing and your blog is awesome. Michelle aka peanutsmommy7 swap-bot October blog hop

    1. Thank you so much! It would be amazing if you joined in! Let me know, so I can follow you :)

  5. This is such a fab idea and I've really enjoyed reading through the post you have put up so far! Wish I had come across this in October as I would have definitely joined in!! Looking forward to reading the rest of them :)

    Vikki x


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