A Weekend in The Netherlands + Mini Shoplog

Last weekend I've been visiting my family in the Netherlands with JT. In this post I'll shortly write about the things we did and the things I bought there. Surprisingly I did not buy any clothes or shoes - nor have I been to Primark.

Our flight departed on friday evening around 7pm from Oslo Gardermoen airport. To get there I had to travel 2 hours by train first. Luckily I have a studentcard which is still valid, so I can get on for half price. At the airport I first bought a Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks - just to make fun of the ever ongoing trend among young girls trying to be hipster. But I must say it was a good coffee. I had to wait an hour for my Jan Tore to arrive from his work. After we got through security, we bought some candy and goods for my family in the taxfree shop. Once on the plane, everything went very smoothly and - though I don't favour flying in the dark - I really enjoyed the flight. What surprised me the most was that we didn't get our passports checked at all! I could've just forgotten it and nobody would've cared, lol.
My parents picked us up from Amsterdam Schiphol airport and drove us home. It's a nearly two hour drive to where my family lives in NL. Oh - I forgot to say - the whole visit was planned as a surprise for my youngest brother Lars, as he had his birthday on saturday the 10th where he would turn 17.

This morning we went into town to shop some necessities like make-up, nailpolish, shampoos etc. Things that are either not to be found in Norway, or that are just insanely expensive. Jan went to check out the bookshop while I did other shoppings; he loves newspapers and wanted to buy a Dutch one to learn more Dutch.
After we sat down at a café, we headed back home to celebrate Lars' birthday with cake and relaxing. In the evening we took both my brothers out for dinner at an Asian 'wok' restaurant, which we all optimally enjoyed.

Today Jan, my bro Niels, and I visited Jan's younger sister in Groningen where she's doing a youth exchange program. We tried to go to a café and drink something but weirdly enough almost everything was closed on sunday. We had a good day anyway!

The last day of our visit to my homeland. Our flight from Amsterdam was going around 10pm so we had plenty of time to do some shopping in Amsterdam. Jan also wanted to visit Amsterdam-South where big companies as Google are located. My only wish was to go to Lush at Amsterdam Central station, and so I did (see mini shoplog below). In the evening we chilled at Schiphol and while waiting for our flight - which is seriously al-ways delayed! - we heard that there was a drunk guy on the arriving plane, and the staff first had to solve it with the police. So finally after an hour delay we were heading back to Norway!

Here below is a mini shoplog of things I bought in the Netherlands - Enjoy!

At Lush I bought the Ocean Salt face&bodyscrub with lime and avocadobutter <3 (€12,95 - 100ml)
This is a Lush FUN-bar: you can use it as bodywash, shampoo, bubblebar or just as a clay to play with. This version smells like old Dutch candy! <3 (€7,95)
The Intergalactic Lush bathbomb smells so delicious and it glitters! :D (€5,50)
I was looking for a lipscrub but didn't like the usual Lush ones: popcorn, bubblegum and mint. Now I came across this Santa one, and I decided to just buy it before trying. I am very happy with this scrub! It smells like coca cola, but in fact it says cherry-dates flavour. The scrub is completely edible so after scrubbing you can just lick your lips off. (€9,50)
At Action, I bought this Powerbank for my phone. It costs €8,45 and you can charge 2 phones with it.
Finally I got myself the Catrice eyebrow set! 
At Kruidvat I bought this French manicure set, and for the first time ever I did my nails with French manicure. See the result below!  


  1. Omg that french manicure looks so cute ! I hope you had a lovely weekend with your family ! :)

  2. Thanks for your sweet comment! <3 Yes the weekend was lush! :D


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