A Short Essay On Life's Annoyances.

Long time no see! I know...  I am someone who has many different hobbies, and some periods other hobbies are more time consuming than blogging. Add the lack of inspiration to that and you have my bloggidity in a nutshell. But now with my new layout, and the winter kicking in here, I'll write and post many more updates - so keep following up!

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So, do you know those typically annoying things that sometimes occur in life? Like for example when you lose weight - or at least someone means to SEE on you that you lost weight -which is in most cases true, and when you nod a confirmative 'yes',
- almost ashamed to admit you actually might have lost some grams - the same person often immediately offers you food, or tells you you should maybe eat some more. WHY? I mean, seriously, why?

Or when you grab all your courage together and get to the fitness center. You start training randomly, on machines that you don't even know about how they work. It's a random weekday - morning or early afternoon-, because no way that you go during the evening or weekend, when everyone else is going. Sometimes I have the courage to finally enter the 'Men's Dome' - the place where men pump up their arm muscles and forget their leg muscles. Monday is legday for me, so I didn't actually had to go into the Men's Dome - but when I took a peek inside, I was stunned: WHAT are all these MEN doing there on a normal MONDAY. MORNING? Don't they work? Go to school? Adult men! What the Heck. If you're an adult men, and train during daytime, please tell me why.

Or when you hastily walk to catch the green pedestrian traffic light and almost trip over some beggar who's sitting on the street and begging. Just FYI, it's Norway. Nobody needs to beg on the streets here. And then they look at you with a piercing stare, making you feel bad you didn't give them a coin. Brrrh.

Or when you hear on the news about refugees and conflicts in the Middle East and you think 'why, just why, are people so stupid, and wtf?

Okay, I'm done for now, haha. If you like to see more of such posts - let me know!

Love, Ilse

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  1. Exquisite design, a richly entertaining essay, and compelling polemics - yes please, I'd love to see more such posts.

    Annoyance? Yes, bottlenecks at airports. They're omnipresent like the Blob. An airport should be a showcase of seamless, efficient operations, yet even Heathrow has a cornucopia of bottlenecks.

    PS! I don't work out during the day, nor during the day. It's about time, ey?


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