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Ooops, haven't been blogging in the past month, shame on me! I have so many ideas in concept, but miracleously I didn't work them out yet.   

Anyways. I fell in love with Pinterest. I've had an account there for quite some years, but never did much with it. Until this month - I pinned and pinned and pinned, and pinned more. I am addicted. Partly because of Swapbot's huge amount of Pinterest-Swaps I joined. But: I am gonna share my 20 favourite pins of January here with you - isn't that just great!?    Sit back, scroll, and enjoy.

I heart my camera necklace by bellehibou on Etsy #cameranecklace #photography #jewelry
Macaron Kawaii Plushie Plush Pillow CUTE Sweet by ObsessedHeart
Can't wait to learn to make these!!! French Macarons Basic Recipe by Martha Stewart

Macaron flavors -- huge craving for macarons right now! (thanks, Pinterest! -.-)
And it was HERE where my love for Macarons became stronger and stronger. I am in love with these little pieces of happiness-foodgoodness, and I AM DETERMINED to complete a DIY-Macaron once in my life. Here you all witness my determination.

Bring the precious beauty of nature indoors with mismatched jars and wildflowers! ~Poppies in a Bottle~
Panda bleu mur damour - impression Vintage sur page de dictionnaire - décor Taille des pages soit environ 7,8 x 10,8 po. (pouces), 20 x 27,5 cm
The Alethiometer - His Dark Materials - I always wanted to see the symbols and meanings!
"You cannot change who you are, only what you do." Phillip Pullman, The Golden Compass
Triple Vanilla Brownies - These are amazing!

Oh gosh - something else that I am determined to bake once: Vanilla Brownies <3

Shop outfit at
Fall Layers - white oxford, sweater, and navy blazer
love the oxfords sweater and bowler hat!
White lace + neutral skirt. Love this! Innocent, breezy..
Grey Long Sleeve Glasses Bear Print Sweatshirt - Fashion Clothing, Latest Street Fashion At

No idea who they are, but I love their styles!! Where can I buy these clothes - anyone? 

tivoli garden, copenhagen, denmark
Favourite Movie #2: HARRY POTTER <3
Favourite Color: DARKBLUE <3
Empty cages make beautiful garden decorations. The cage could have a layer of soil in the bottom and vines hanging down - moneywort or vinca or potatoe vine.
sentimental photo swag - I have a bunch of tin types I could do this with for my curio cabinet of random items

Hope you enjoyed this blogpost - please leave a comment if you liked it! :) 
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x- Ilse

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  1. That s Great! I love pinterest and all the stuff there, as well :) I ll follow your board there :)


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