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First of all:


I apologize for the fact that I haven't been updating this blog in the past few weeks. I have moved to Norway to live with my in-laws, and have due to adapting to the new life here not been able to write new blogposts yet. In this blog I will give some short updates on different things I have done in the past weeks. Enjoy reading!


I celebrated my 22nd birthday here, on december the 22nd - which was coolish! From my parents I got the complete Harry Potter-serie. So happy!

My fiancé took me out into town, for some shopping and a drink. We had a hot chocolate and some cake at a café called Babels. In my opinion the best hot chocolate I've ever tasted! 

The brownie cake at Babels was delicious!  


We celebrated Christmas over a period of 5 days - which was intense, exhausting - but above all: fun! I am not used to celebrating christmas with such a huge stockpile of presents under the tree, as in The Netherlands, we only had presents with Sinterklaas on 5 december.

I got sooo much things for Christmas!! I forgot to take pictures from all things I got, but here is a short summary: 2 warm cosy blankets, home-slippers, a blue beanie, chocolate+wine(for me and my fiancé), a knitted pillow, craft-material, a couple of giftcards, a sweater, and a ticket to the Olafur Arnalds concert in Leeds in february - from my bestie <3 Now I write all this, I get so thankful again, for all the things I got, and for the awesome family I got here <3 

From all the giftcards I got for Christmas, I bought this super warm and thick black winterjacket - ideal for Norwegian winters! 

My cousin Linde came to visit me in Norway for Newyears', which was cosy and so much fun! It was good to switch back to my good old mothertongue for some days :) 

Daily Life

My room here is fantastic: I have my own balcony! And I wake up with this stunning view every morning - and mostly the sun is shining in my face!

The nature here is magnificent. I have been out for walks almost every day. When I came here it was around -10C, but recently the temperature is rising, and the snow melted. :(

When we went for a walk til Tønsberg brygga (harbour), it was bright and sunny outside. After we've been into a café to have a coffee, it was completely foggy outside! And we've only been in there for 45 minutes! 

Near the brygga is some sort of vikingship-workplace, where replica's of vikingships are being built. Currently they are working on a replica of the Oseberg ship, the big vikingship that was found in a mound in Oseberg, a rural village right outside Tønsberg. I wrote about the ship in this blog.

Near this workingplace is a small shop where you can buy all kinds of Viking goodies. The guy who is working there invited us to come and join a sailtrip on one of the vikingships next summer - I'm in! 

Last but not least: Slotsfjellet, the most famous landmark in Tønsberg. The tower was built in 1888, as a remembrance sign for Tønsberg's 1000-year anniversary.


The shoppingcenter here in town is cool - they have a shop with some sort of scentchips! Not the official ones as I know them, but they have some very cool fragrances, which I can't wait to try out!

Some of the new fragrances I bought are: blackcurrant (purple), chocolate and chocolate-orange (brown), grapefruit (orange), vanilla-honey (triangles), and biscuit (star). My favourite combination so far is chocolate-biscuit <3 

Also, they have a shop called 'Søstrene Grene' - an originally Danish shop that sells for example fresh tea, home decorations, kitchen utensils and a lot of craft-materials. All extremely cheap! So I had to buy a few things there - including tea. Did you know they have BAILEYS-tea!!?

I bought: 4 artsy postcards ~ double adhesive tape (for my many craftings) ~ 2 sorts of tea: licorice tea and 25-herbs tea ~ a body scratcher, or whatever you call that forky thing :p ~ an A5-sized sketchbook, and chalkboard labelstickers. 
This all for a total price of +/- €15,- 

Inside this bag is the Baileys-tea - one of the many fresh teas they sell at Søstrene Grenes. 

I hope you enjoyed reading! I will defenitely keep you updated about life here in Norway! :) 

xx Ilse

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  1. Oh, Søstrene! I miss the shop so much here in CZ!
    I'm pretty sure, you'll enjoy the Oh-lafur Arnalds concert, he's the bestest (I've seen him live 3 times and it was always mind-blowing <3)


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