The Dutchess In The Land Of Brown Cheese And Mooses..

First of all:


I apologize for the fact that I haven't been updating this blog in the past few weeks. I have moved to Norway to live with my in-laws, and have due to adapting to the new life here not been able to write new blogposts yet. In this blog I will give some short updates on different things I have done in the past weeks. Enjoy reading!


I celebrated my 22nd birthday here, on december the 22nd - which was coolish! From my parents I got the complete Harry Potter-serie. So happy!

My fiancé took me out into town, for some shopping and a drink. We had a hot chocolate and some cake at a café called Babels. In my opinion the best hot chocolate I've ever tasted! 

The brownie cake at Babels was delicious!  

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