Christmas Tag

Hello and M E R R Y  C H R I S T M A S to you all! I am very sorry that I haven't posted any updates for more than a week now. I was planning on uploading a video of me doing the Christmas Tag, but then I felt so insecure about uploading it that I decided not to do it but just answer the questions here instead. It was the first time that I tried making a video, and it worked out quite well; I learned how to edit in iMovie and got some good edit skills. However, I found it a bit too awkward to upload it to Youtube and share here on my blog. I am gonna intensify practising talking to a camera, so I feel less awkward and become more confident. For now, I hope you enjoy reading my answers on the Christmas Tag!

My Birthday + Christmas Wishlist 2015

A very popular item among bloggers during Christmas is of course the Christmas wishlist! As I have my birthday on the 22nd of December, I usually get a lot of presents in a short time. So I thought it'd be fun to share my Christmas + birthday wishlist here. Those of you who followed my November Blogchallenge, know that I've also shared a fashion/item wishlist with you there. That one you can find here. I still wish for all of those items, but I will not put them on my list here again. I am aware of the fact that many items on my list are crazily expensive but isn't this the time of the year to just go wild for once in your life and dream big?

Christmas Recipe: Pepperkaker!

As you might know, I am originally from The Netherlands but I have lived in Norway for a year now. In Norway Christmas is a HUGE thing, and I thought it would therefore be cool to share a traditional Norwegian recipe with you, along with some Norwegian Christmas traditions. The recipe is for gingerbread cookies, called 'pepperkaker' in Norwegian. I made them glutenfree as I don't tolerate wheat, but you can use normal flour as well.

[This post is a collab with Marshmallow Skies - she's doing an advent calendar on her blog and this is my entry :) - Go check her out!]

Let's get started!

Glossybox Norway - October & November

Since two months I'm subscribed to the Norwegian Glossybox. I don't know if this box is any different than Glossyboxes in other countries. If it is, let me know in a comment what the box in your country looks like.

Because of the november blogchallenge I haven't been able to share my reviews of the Glossybox products yet, so here it is. An extra long post about the products I got from Glossybox in October and November. 

DAY 30 || November Blogchallenge

Wow! today is already the last day of my self invented November Blogchallenge! It has gone so very quickly! I must say it has not been easy to post good content every day. I often found myself rushing on a post that had to be finished at the end of the day, sometimes even right before midnight. In the beginning I managed to plan some posts ahead, which was handy because of some babysitting I did. On such days I couldn't really spend time on blogging, which was actually relaxing as well. I don't think I will do such a daily blogchallenge like this soon again, as it can be stressful and the quality of the content isn't as good as it would normally be when I spend more days on writing one post, in my opinion.

My 5 Current Lifegoals

The last official task in the blog challenge is to come up with 5 of my current life goals. Tomorrow I will only be giving my feedback on the challenge and tell you some ups and downs of this month. I've been thinking about what my goals in life are at the moment. Of course the cliché goals like live  healthy and be good to others are among that as well, but for now I wrote down five concrete goals:

Maybelline Babylips Winter Editions 2015

As today's Blogchallenge post was a bit short, here's another read for you! I recently came across some new lipbalms from the Babylips winter collection at H&M. Aren't they just the cutest? In this article I'll review them shortly and give you my honest opinion about these cute lipbalms.

There are four different limited winter editions, but I only bought three: Sweet Apple, Hot Cocoa and Sugar Cookie.
The other one is Mint Candy, but I personally don't like minty lipbalms so rather skipped that one for now instead of being stuck with a lipbalm I won't use anyway.

DAY 28 || November Blogchallenge

The blogchallenge is really coming to and end now! Only two days left after today's post. Today I will be sharing an photo I took on this day and tell you shortly about it. There will be a second post coming up as well - later tonight - so you have something extra to look forward to! I love the new winter-themed layouts and decorations on, so you will probably see a lot of them in my post-headers the next months!

DAY 27 || November Blogchallenge

Do you recognize that feeling you get when you see something imperfect? Something not organised, something not straight in line? If you do, you are most likely suffering from OCD - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. The word 'disorder' sounds a bit heavy, I don't want to imply the suggestion that suffering from OCD is fundamentally a bad thing. It can be - if it manifests itself in extremes. But most people will recognize their OCD in a mild form, often they're perfectionists in general. Both my fiancé and I have our own typical OCD habits. Some are the same and other differ. In this post I will share some of my OCD habits, at least the ones I am aware of.

DAY 26 || November Blogchallenge

Dear Stranger from the future,

I write to you from the past. If you read this, I'm long dead. God knows where and how I died, but to you that is of no importance I guess.
I want to share some things with you, from the Earth as I know it. I am just an ordinary girl among 7 billion of other people on this planet. I'm curious if this population is still the same when you read this. Has it grown, or maybe decreased? 

DAY 24 || November Blogchallenge

In today's post I'm gonna share my wishlist of fashion items and accessoires with you. I will keep it short, as I am also planning on doing a Christmas + Birthday Wishlist soon in December, where I will make a longer list of all my desired items. Hope you enjoy scrolling through my short wishlist!

My Current Pinterest top 10

From time to time, I am an avid Pinner. Is that the right word for someone who uses Pinterest? Nevermind. Today I'll show you my Top 10 of favourite pictures on Pinterest. This seems easy, but it's really not. Try to make a selection of only 10 pictures out of more than 50 billion pins! Wanna see what I came up with? Click on the button below to see and read about my current favourite 10 pictures on Pinterest.

DAY 22 || November Blogchallenge

Although my bag looks relatively small, I keep a lot of stuff inside it. I am currently not going to any school - and for work I don't need anything specific so there will be no keys or schoolmaterials. I used to have my agenda in my bag as well, but since I really have a relaxed life at the moment, I don't use an agenda.

Let's start with my bag first. This cute brown little bag comes from H&M and I paid 250kr for it (around €25). Inside it has quite good capacity, divided in one big main pocket and two smaller pockets.

DAY 20 || November Blogchallenge

In this short post I will share my 5 favourite products from last summer. I had the more or less genius idea to photograph some of the products in the snow on my balcony - as that shows the contrast between today and last summer. Excuse me for the use of summer and winter photo's all mixed up - the photo's in this post don't exactly complement eachother but anyways. Hope you enjoy reading!

14 of my Worst Habits

As human as we all are - we have our good and our bad habits. Talking about bad habits: some are really really rotten. You know those activities you absolutely dislike but still engage in? Here is a list for you with my 14 worst habits in certain activities we probably all recognise. Will you enjoy? I'm not so sure, ha ha.

Fashion Lookbook for November 2015

Hello lovelies! My task for today is to show you my fashion lookbook for this month. The fact that I haven't had the motivation to go outside and photograph a lot of my outfits + the fact that it's absolutely freezing cold here in Norway made that today's lookbook consists merely of pictures I gathered online. With this lookbook I tried to represent my own wardrobe as much as possible - all the items are either exactly the ones I own - or very similar.

Globe necklace: Etsy | Watch: Daniel Wellington | Shoes: Nubikk | Nailpolish: Catrice Hip Trip 01

My Day in Healthy Recipes (1)

Besides that I eat lactosefree as much as possible, I also eat glutenfree now since about ten days. The reason for this is that I got very bad stomach pains basically everytime I ate something. I decided to eliminate gluten for a month and see if it makes a difference. Well, I can tell you it does. Already after the first days I noticed that I barely had any stomach pain - and everytime I sneakily ate something with gluten - I could feel it in my stomach right after.

Today's task is to post a healthy recipe. Now you'd think that if you don't eat gluten or lactose, it's quite hard to find something you can eat, right? For me this isn't the case, as I can tolerate bits of lactose in for example cheese and chocolate. The rest I replace with either soy milk or water.

In this post I'll give you an overview of what I could eat during a day - I describe a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner and will try to make it as healthy as possible.

Spotify Shuffle - 10 songs and why I like them

Today's task is to put one of my Spotify playlists on shuffle and write about the first 10 numbers that pop up. I have A LOT of playlists on Spotify so logically the choosing would be hard - but maybe the most logic thing to do is to put the My Favourites playlist on shuffle. Dâh.

The first 10 numbers that came up where:

1. Shelter - Dash Berlin
I like the voice and the lyrics in this song a lot. 

2. Por Fin The Encontré - Cali Y El Dandee 
I love almost all Spanish music because of the great beats, and of course a lot of them - like this one - are perfect for zumba too! Songs like these make me wanna dance unstoppably!

Some of my Weirdest Hobbies

I do have some weird hobbies, yes - but who doesn't? Today you'll read about some of the more abnormal hobbies that I have.

The first one is defenitely Rubiks cubing. I used to own a cube when I was a teenager but I never managed to solve it. Until a few months ago, I suddenly got the urge to being able to solve a rubiks cube - and so I bought one and teached myself how to solve it by online tutorials.

My Beauty & Body Favourites

The challenge told me to write about two of my favourite beauty products today, but can it be four? Five? I find it so hard to just pick two as I am enthusiastic about so many more products! So in this post you will find some of my personal favourite beauty and body products from this moment!

This is what's on my Bucketlist..

For today, the challenge challenged me to make an overview of my bucketlist! Yay!  I've been trying to construct several bucketlists during my teenage years - from camping in front of Johnny Depps house - to cycling all the way from the Netherlands to Norway - It couldn't be crazy enough.

Today, my bucketlist is a lot more serious. I made a collage from pictures I found online and on Pinterest - of things that are actually possible to do in life. A lot of things on the list are travel related.

All About My Favourite Movies

Grab a cup of tea, a cookie and make yourself comfortable! On a drizzly day like today, a movie seems perfect, doesn't it? In this post you can read about some of my favourite movies and recommendations. I will also write about two movies I first thought were disappointing but were actually really cool + two movies that seemed cool at first but really disappointed me. Hope you enjoy reading! (All the movie posters I used are found online, and belong to the rightful owner)

The following movies I have not seen in the cinema, but at home - and are some I would really recommend watching (Warning: this text may contain spoilers):

My 10 Likes and Dislikes

So here is yesterdays topic! I hope you are still enjoying reading this challenge! Today I tell you about 10 of my favourite things - and 10 least favourite things in life. These can be anything such as beauty products, books, films, music, food, places - anything.


1. Bagels. Unfortunately I don't eat them so often because I don't tolerate wheat so well, but I find them absolutely delicious. My favourite place to eat them is Bagels&Beans in The Netherlands, and though I don't have a favourite flavour, I do prefer savory spreads over sweet spreads.

2. Lipbalm. I'm addicted to lipbalm and I own probably about 25 or more lipbalms. Because they're relatively cheap, I often can't resist buying one in the shops. I tend to use my EOS' and Nivea lipbutter with macadamia/vanilla flavour the most.

My Day in Great Detail

I decided to change the topics from today and tomorrow, because today I'm having much more things planned than tomorrow. So today will be: my day in great detail - and tomorrow will be my 10 likes and dislikes!

Wake up! 

This morning I woke up at 7:00. Today is gonna be a great day! My dearly beloved fiancé will come back from his workweek in Pakistan, and I am gonna welcome him back at the airport in Oslo. I jump out of bed and make myself ready to go. I wear my MAC Faux lipstick today. I take the train at 9:00 from Tønsberg - it's gonna be a 2hr ride. It's rainy outside but I don't mind. It's only cosy to be in the train while the weather outside is cold and grey.

DAY 5 || November Blogchallenge

 Okay here we go! 

1. I absolutely disgust Pink Glacé cakes (Dutch roze koeken) because they make me nauseous.
2. I can solve a 3x3 rubiks cube in 3 minutes.
3. And a 4x4 in 10 minutes #proud
4. I'm lactose-intolerant and the hardest part of that is not being able to eat Ben and Jerry's without getting immense stomach pain.
5. I love to listen to and play Mozart. Especially KV545.
6. I'm afraid of thunder, dentists and spiders

Some of my Favourite Quotes

I am actually not really a quote-person, most of the times I find quotes just very cliché. For this blogpost I challenged myself to find a few beautiful quotes that I actually like and that maybe would apply to me.

Three of my Favourite Books at this time

As you might have noticed: I have a flag counter on the bottom of my page since today! It looks so cute, and interesting to see where my visitors are from. It also counts my pageviews from today - so in fact I got many more pageviews than the counter shows. Just so you know! Well, let's get on to todays post!

Today I'm writing about three of my favourite books. I wrote books in the challenge, but can it be series? Okay, I will try to even reduce this to my favourite book per serie. I'll not give any spoilers as some of you might not have read these books yet. These are actually only my 3 favourite books at this moment, because I have many more favourite books that for some reason didn't end up on this list, but let's get started!

Some of my Favourite Places in Copenhagen

For todays' challenge I'm writing about a place I visited. I chose to write about Copenhagen as that city has left such an impression in the time I was there! I actually wanted to write about my experiences there last year, but I never completed that article somehow. So today is the perfect occassion to tell you all about my time in Copenhagen and why I find it such a fantastic city.

In the summer of 2014 I went to Copenhagen to do a Danish summerschool - to get to learn the language better. I applied because it was recommended by my university, where I studied Danish at that time. I lived a whole month at one of my best friends' place in Copenhagen, and we had simply the best time ever.

DAY 1 || November Blogchallenge

This is Day 1 from the November Blog Challenge -Let's get started! 

About me, Ilse Daniëlle.
Ilse is my given name. Given by my parents. It is a German name, and I am not very unsatisfied with that. I like my name - it's quite unique, especially here in Norway. I once asked my mom what I would've been named as a girl if it wasn't for Ilse. She answered Daniëlle. That's when I decided to add that to my name. In the Netherlands it is quite difficult to get it added as an official second name - but here in Norway it's all quite a lot easier. I am planning on adding it right when I get married next year, as I also have to change my last name then, and then I can do it all together. I already changed my name on social media to get used to the idea.

What do you think about the name Ilse Daniëlle?

Norwegian Carrot Cake

As a Halloween special - here is an extra post on my blog! Before we start, I just want to remind you that tomorrow is the day that the November Blogchallenge starts! Yes, I will post an article on here every single day during November! Don't forget to follow me along this month! Wanna see where I'm gonna write about? Read it here!

Okay let's get started! We don't celebrate Halloween so abundantly here in Norway, but to give you a little extra on this special day - here's a delicious recipe for Norwegian Carrot Cake! This cake is perfect for autumn and winter (I'm gonna bake it for Christmas too). I only baked it once before, and everyone loved it - so here's turn 2. As requested from Nadia from Miel and Mint - here's the recipe for this delicious treat! I tried my best to make it as clear as possible, and to translate everything from Norwegian into English.

Mac Lipsticks: Brave and Faux

I am so happy at this moment, I can't even fully express what I feel right now. Yesterday I went to pick up my long-wanted package with 2 beautiful new Mac lipsticks. I've been wanting those lipsticks for a long long time, but since they're more than expensive enough to think twice about how to spend your budget wisely - I didn't think long when my new payment came in and ordered one. Well, two. Yolo. I suppose a girl can never have enough lipsticks.

Autumn Nails - Matte Grey

I love to experiment with nailpolish - and here I tried to make some sort of autumn look. I think the grey'ish colour is really autumny and the slight amount of glitters make them look a bit more festive as well. Clumsy as I am, I always mess up my nails right after I polished them! Who else has this too? Haha, I am surely not the only one! Therefore I didn't photograph my thumb, as that was messed up -_- Enjoy it anyways! 

Casual Autumn Outfit

A short outfitpost for the monday morning! 
This necklace I got from a penfriend in Iraq - The quote on the sword is Arabic and it says 'I God protect this person'.

I'm On Facebook!

Short update: My blog has it's own facebookpage since yesterday! I've been thinking a lot about if I should make one or not, but decided to go for it as I red on another blog that it might increase the amount of readers from my blog.

You can find my page here - don't forget to give it a Like, so you can get updates on my new blogposts!

The Importance of Bloglovin'

Most of you are probably already more or less familiar with the online blogger-community Bloglovin, so to you I might not have to explain the importance of Bloglovin, but this is for the readers that have a Bloglovin account but don't use it yet, the ones that are thinking about getting Bloglovin in the near future - and maybe for you who just wants some more information about Bloglovin.

Why is Bloglovin so important for a blogger like me?
Bloglovin is a platform for - the name already has it in it: people who love blogs. Through Bloglovin you can easily connect all your favourite blogs to your page and see their new updates in your feed. As a blogger, Bloglovin can be very beneficial as it keeps your readers being in touch with your blog and they will keep coming back to visit your blog.

Fall in Oslo

Last sunday I've been to Oslo with my fiancé to celebrate our 1 year engagement. It was a beautiful autumn day and perfect for taking outfit photos. 

Scarf: Pieces - Nailpolish: Catrice Hip Trip 01

Announcement of the November Blogchallenge!

(image source)

You readers have so much to look forward to, because the plan for November is to post an update every day! I looked around to find similar challenges but I couldn't find one that would really motivate me, so therefore I wrote one myself. I used examples from other challenges - and hereby I announce The 30 Day Blog Challenge for November 2015. The reason I'm posting it now halfway October is because if you want to join the challenge as well, you'll have some time to prepare and write your posts beforehand and plan them. 

AUTUMN MUSTS + My Personal Autumn Favourites

Yay, it's autumn! I hear you think - Wait, what? - How can people even like the autumn, it's cold and rainy and very depressing. Well, I LOVE autumn. Okay, maybe I'm a bit too optimistic now, but I just love being inside and write, work on my blog, read books and play games. Going outside and walk in the forest. Or run after it's rained. Did you know that Norway actually doesn't really know autumn and spring? It often starts snowing in October and that will stay until April. I don't mind, as the winter is actually my favourite season. In this post I'll write about 5 things that are absolutely a must to survive the autumn.

A Weekend in The Netherlands + Mini Shoplog

Last weekend I've been visiting my family in the Netherlands with JT. In this post I'll shortly write about the things we did and the things I bought there. Surprisingly I did not buy any clothes or shoes - nor have I been to Primark.

Our flight departed on friday evening around 7pm from Oslo Gardermoen airport. To get there I had to travel 2 hours by train first. Luckily I have a studentcard which is still valid, so I can get on for half price. At the airport I first bought a Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks - just to make fun of the ever ongoing trend among young girls trying to be hipster. But I must say it was a good coffee. I had to wait an hour for my Jan Tore to arrive from his work. After we got through security, we bought some candy and goods for my family in the taxfree shop. Once on the plane, everything went very smoothly and - though I don't favour flying in the dark - I really enjoyed the flight. What surprised me the most was that we didn't get our passports checked at all! I could've just forgotten it and nobody would've cared, lol.
My parents picked us up from Amsterdam Schiphol airport and drove us home. It's a nearly two hour drive to where my family lives in NL. Oh - I forgot to say - the whole visit was planned as a surprise for my youngest brother Lars, as he had his birthday on saturday the 10th where he would turn 17.

Naked3 Palette From

  Last summer I ordered this palette from the website - a cheap wholesale webshop where the majority of the products is produced in China. The Naked palette has been on my wishlist for quite some time, but since I find $50,- for the original Urban Decay one a bit too pricey for now, I decided to go for a duplicate and see how that works.

A Short Essay On Life's Annoyances.

Long time no see! I know...  I am someone who has many different hobbies, and some periods other hobbies are more time consuming than blogging. Add the lack of inspiration to that and you have my bloggidity in a nutshell. But now with my new layout, and the winter kicking in here, I'll write and post many more updates - so keep following up!

I am curious who actually reads or follows this blog. If you do, could you please like this blog with the Google Plus button, or follow on Bloglovin, or simply leave a comment?

So, do you know those typically annoying things that sometimes occur in life? Like for example when you lose weight - or at least someone means to SEE on you that you lost weight -which is in most cases true, and when you nod a confirmative 'yes',

One Word Answers Challenge

Here is a challenge I did a while ago on Swapbot. I thought it'd be fun to share with the crowd. The challenge is to answer the following questions with just one word. 

  1. What is your favorite colour?   Darkblue
  2. What is your favorite mode of transportation?    Train
  3. What surprises people about you?   Spontaneousness
  4. What is your favorite meal? Bagels
  5. Do you have any body art? No
  6. Where is one place you would like to visit, but have never been to? Iceland
  7. Who is your greatest hero?   Fiancé
  8. When was the last time you bought yourself something nice? Today
  9. Your reaction to someone cutting in a line you’ve been waiting a while in: EY!
  10. Describe the outfit you are wearing right now: Pyjamas
  11. What is your favorite form of exercise? Dancing
  12. If you had no alarm and nowhere to be, what time would you get up? Eleven
  13. Describe your current relationship status: Engaged
  14. What is your greatest fear in life? Losing
  15. If you saw someone shoplifting, what would you do? Report
  16. What do you fill your day doing? Reading
  17. You’re in a crowded room full of loud people, suddenly the room goes silent. What caused this? Food
  18. What is something you’re open to, but haven’t tried yet? Shark
  19. What are your nightmares about? Chasing
  20. What is your favorite type of swap on Swap-bot? Postcards
  21. If you were stranded on a desert island with all the basic life amenities (food, fresh water, shelter etc.), what would you like to have with you? Fiancé
  22. Why do you think there are so many wars? Egoism
  23. Describe your last swap: Pinterest
  24. The name of your future artificial intelligent robot? Amadeus
  25. What is your preference when it comes to movies? Fantasy
  26. Beverage of choice? Chai
  27. Define your current state of emotional being: Tired
  28. If Aliens arrived here on Earth, what would be your approach? Ignore
  29. Your opinion on unicorns: Cool
  30. You suddenly have the afternoon free to yourself, how would you spend it? Reading
  31. Describe your hair: Golden
  32. Where do you want to be in five years? Norway
  33. What is the greatest thing you’ve been able to overcome?  Sin
  34. What was the last thing you regret buying? Rucksack
  35. Describe your crafting: Drawing
  36. Do you have pets? No
  37. How do you feel about a swarm of bees? Uncomfortable
  38. What do you have a craving for? Cookies
  39. Wishlist item? Nikes
  40. Describe your mother: Sweetest
  41. Why did you join this swap? Challenging
  42. If you were to be remembered for one thing, what would it be? Heart
  43. Favorite holiday? Summer
  44. Kids? No
  45. Where are you at this very moment? Bedroom
  46. What is the meaning of life? Trust
  47. If you could write a book about anything, what would it be? Health
  48. Guilty pleasure? Chocolate
  49. What was the hardest question on this list for you to answer? 47

My Pinterest Favourites #January

via My Darling Rainbow

Ooops, haven't been blogging in the past month, shame on me! I have so many ideas in concept, but miracleously I didn't work them out yet.   

Anyways. I fell in love with Pinterest. I've had an account there for quite some years, but never did much with it. Until this month - I pinned and pinned and pinned, and pinned more. I am addicted. Partly because of Swapbot's huge amount of Pinterest-Swaps I joined. But: I am gonna share my 20 favourite pins of January here with you - isn't that just great!?    Sit back, scroll, and enjoy.

I heart my camera necklace by bellehibou on Etsy #cameranecklace #photography #jewelry
Macaron Kawaii Plushie Plush Pillow CUTE Sweet by ObsessedHeart
Can't wait to learn to make these!!! French Macarons Basic Recipe by Martha Stewart

Macaron flavors -- huge craving for macarons right now! (thanks, Pinterest! -.-)

The Dutchess In The Land Of Brown Cheese And Mooses..

First of all:


I apologize for the fact that I haven't been updating this blog in the past few weeks. I have moved to Norway to live with my in-laws, and have due to adapting to the new life here not been able to write new blogposts yet. In this blog I will give some short updates on different things I have done in the past weeks. Enjoy reading!


I celebrated my 22nd birthday here, on december the 22nd - which was coolish! From my parents I got the complete Harry Potter-serie. So happy!

My fiancé took me out into town, for some shopping and a drink. We had a hot chocolate and some cake at a café called Babels. In my opinion the best hot chocolate I've ever tasted! 

The brownie cake at Babels was delicious!  

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