Sinterklaas Surprises!

5 december is a big day in Dutchieland: Sinterklaas evening!! :D So we celebrated this annual happening with the family + Jan this time. A month before the big day, we started making wishlists and buying stuff for one another, to put in a big bag: 'de zak van Sinterklaas' (The sack of Sinterklaas). Everyone had to buy at least one (small) item for each other family member. After the presents, we watched a James Bond movie together while eating lots of good candy. Some typical Sinterklaascandy is for example 'pepernoten', 'marsepein' and 'taai-taai'. Also did we get a chocolate-Sinterklaas figure, and a chocolate letter.

This is my mums letter, because I already ate mine.. :)

Below, I will show you some of the presents I got for Sinterklaas:

From my mom I got this colourbook for adults. It was something I've always wanted to buy once. I already started colouring a bit, and I will probably post it here when I finished a page. :)

From Jan, I got this book called 'Wreck this Journal everywhere'. Also something I really wanted to have. I have heard about the normal Wreck this Journal edition, but never bought it. Instead, I bought the sequel, called 'This is not a book' - a book which you have to customize into something different, instead of completely wrecking it. But I've always thought that Wreck this Journal would be cool as well, so here I got the pocket edition - even better! I like the fact that it's a pocket edition, because it makes it easier to carry with you to random places. 

The journal is full of tasks which you have to complete in your own creative way - to wreck the journal everywhere. Everywhere means both 'all places you travel to' and 'literally the entire journal'.

Because I got the Dutch edition, I translated some of the tasks into English. Click on the image to enlarge, so you can read it. 

From my fiancé I also got this book called 'Travelling to Infinity' by Jane Hawking. This was such a surpise! I didn't expect to get it, but I really really like it. I like books anyway, but this story seems very interesting. Jane writes about her life and love with Stephen Hawking - the famous English physicist and cosmologist.

Besides this, I got some presents from my bro's and mom for my future house! Such as coffee mugs, photo-customizable drink coasters, a tea infuser and some very cool sticky tape for my craft-hobbies! Thank you all very much, it was an amazing celebration! 

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