You might already have noticed in one of my former blogs that I have a scentburner. I am so in love with that thing! To make a scentburner work, you put a small candle underneath, and fill the upper bowl with scentchips. These chips are available in literally ALL sorts of smells, and their names are very cool.

What are Scentchips?
Scentchips are small paraffin chips that you can put in a special scentburner. This burner may be a candlelight one, or an electric one. I have a candlelight one, because I personally find that a bit more cosy. 

The chips are divided into two collections: the basic and the extended collection. Besides these two, there are also the seasonal scents, which are usually 2 or 3 extra chips with a 'seasonal' scent. For the winter it's 'Winter Woods', for example. 

Here I put 'Driftwood', 'Rustic Cabin' and 'Sandalwood' in my burner. It was my first try, and I didn't know if it would smell good together. 

The Scents
Today I put the scents Strawberry & Vanilla in my burner - a very good combination! The whole room still smells so nice. At Schiphol, I got some books with my Scentchips, and they are very helpful! One of them has a very extensive overview of the scents, and the possible combinations. 

Here is an overview of all the scents:
Left, from Magnolia to Honeysuckle, and down - is the Basic Collection. From Peppermint to Amber, and down is the extended collection. 

[click on image to enlarge]

A box of Scentchips can be bought in different sizes. The smallest one includes max. 8 chips and costs €3,95. If you ever get stuck at Schiphol airport Amsterdam: there is a scentchips supplier as well! Of course, when you buy them at Schiphol, it costs 1€ more, because yea - it's Schiphol. :/


The chips are available online and in different Dutch stores, for example V&D warehouse.  Check the official Scentchips website for more information.

You can even blend the chips into national flags! ;D

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