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From SwapBot this time a questionnaire about My Favourites! Such a cool idea, I also wanted to do something like this, but someone else was slightly earlier than me. No problem! I joined anyway, and here I share my answers with you. Enjoy!

  • Favourite animal: the Panda ♥
  • Favourite chocolate bar: Tony Chocolonely Caramel Seasalt ♥
  • Favourite cocktail: Piña Colada ♥
  • Favourite movie: Many, but I stick to Harry Potter ♥
  • Favourite colour: darkblue ♥
  • Favourite pizza: Spinach with goatcheese and pine nuts ♥
  • Favourite flower: Buttercup ♥
  • Favourite place for vacation: Gran Canaria ♥
  • Favourite season: Winter ♥
  • Favourite book: The Hunger Games series ♥
  • Favourite scent: Vanilla/Brownie & Pinewood ♥
  • Favourite shoes: I have several favo shoes, but currently I'd say my Hilfiger Hamiltons ♥
  • Favourite day of the week: Friday ♥
  • Favourite tea: Lipton's Blueberry Muffin ♥
  • Favourite song: This one is so difficult! I have many many favourite songs, not one specific. For example I love movie soundtracks. The last moviesoundtrack I fell in love with is the Hanging Tree from the Hunger Games part 3, a bit sinister, but so powerful. Katniss' voice plus the fact that the song marks a radical change - the uprising- make me shiver everytime I listen to it. ♥
  • Favourite ice cream: Ben&Jerry's Cookie Dough ♥
  • Favourite clothes: My darkblue Hogwarts& Oxford sweaters + darkblue jacket, scarf and darkblue knittet headband. ♥
  • Favourite board game: Chess ♥
  • Favourite food: Baked potatoes with chickenfilet, zucchini, mushrooms and sauce
  • Favourite gemstone: Amethyst ♥


  1. My daughter's favorite animal is also the panda, we're going to decorate her room with live bamboo plants. That pizza sounds awesome!

    -Shlamoof (worst swap-bot partner ever... forgive me?)
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