Week Summary #4

My fiancé has visited me for a week here in the Netherlands, and all we did was basically visiting a lot of my family members - and caféing (is that a word?). But ofcourse I came across some cool stuff too, so here is the chance to read about that! Exciting, isn't it?

First of all: I received this awesome postcard from a girl in Malaysia. She writes to always be happy and appreciate the life we have now. The card really motivated me! It is so cool, I wish I could get it somewhere in postersize and hang it in my room. 

Meanwhile, my fiancé sent me this pic from a building in Oxford - so beautiful! Thanks bestie :) 

For the rest I have been crafting a lot. I'm currently busy with my journal, or 'smashbook' - wherein I 'smash' all kind of creativity, such as coloured papers, scrapbook, stickers, cinema tickets, postage stamps and so on. 

Also, I've been making some Christmas cards, which was actually just a tryout, but I think they turned out pretty well - what do you think?

In the frame below you can see some of the results of my smashbook-adventure:

A small peek in to how my workplace looks..

My mom came home with this bag of crisps. I've never heard of this taste combination, but I love brie so it should be good. And the brie did taste delishious, but the cranberries were a bit too sweet in my opinion.

Winter is getting colder here in The Netherlands, so I decorated my room with some delicious brownie-smelling candles, to make it more cosy. As you can see, I also own a scentburner, but that one needs to be cleaned - so will do that first before I put new scentchips in. I will probably write a blog about those chips later.

So, what have you been up to this week?

x Ilse

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