Prettybox October 2014

This is such a cool thing to get, especially in the cold and rainy autumn and winter months! If you subscribe at Prettybox, you get a monthly box with some beauty- goodies. I decided to subscribe for 3 months (ca. €12,50 per month) and treat myself a little bit with beauty. I must say that I'm not particularly into beauty&fashion - I'm not that kind of blogger - but I like the idea of this Prettybox-company, and that's why I share it: to recommend it to others. 

So, what's in my Prettybox for October!? 
~ 3 Colormates brushes ~ Rituals Handcream ~ Jelly Pong Pong mascara ~So Susan eyepalette & Ziaja eyecream

I am especially happy with the eyecream! As I always look so tired, it's great to try out this cream. I think it works so far - eventhough I still feel tired a lot. The cream contains olive oil, a natural ingredient that helps to hydrate the skin.

The mascara is unfortunately NOT waterproof :( I found that out the first day I tried it on, it rained and I came to work with black eyes. The eyeshadow is nice - I didn't have those colours yet. The handcream smells amazing, it's one of my favourite handcreams.

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